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“How have things with Linda been?” inquired Lo.

“OK,” said Robert with a tone of disappointment.

“Why just OK?”

“She has one boyfriend in Naples, another in Amsterdam, and then she toys with me.”

“Toys with you?” Lo’s ears perked up.

Robert had made an excellent meal for Lo and me even though we had dropped in on him unexpectedly. He is a very generous and hospitable man and he opened a bottle of wine for Lo as he and I enjoyed an excellent bottle of Scotch. It was so good and so smooth that, before we knew it, he and I were on our fourth already. It hit me all at once and I suddenly realized that I was having difficulty seeing straight.

“We Skype with each other once a week.”

“Ooooh,” squealed Lo, “Skype sex.” Her tongue slid over her front teeth.

Robert blushed, “It’s not like that,” he protested.

“I’m sure,” responded Lo.

“No, really. Well, maybe once in a long while.”

“I knew it!”

“But I meant no double entendre. I simply meant that. . .”

“Do you like to watch?” interrupted Lo.


“Do you like to watch, to watch her, Linda, when she toys with you?”

Robert squirmed a little in his seat, uncomfortable. He’s tremendously uptight and prudish, but he also thinks of himself as enlightened and courageous, so he answered the question, “Well, yes.”

“Do you reciprocate?”

“That’s usually why she calls me on Skype. To. . .”

“To see you jack it?”
“If you wish to put it that way, yes.”

“I do like this gal. When can I meet her?”

“That’s just the thing. She shuttles between Italy, Holland, and London and I don’t think we’ll be together in person again anytime soon.”

“She can’t just puddle jump the pond and come over for a quicky?”

Robert laughed at the suggestion.

“Boy, you must be so hard-up,” said Lo seductively.

Robert poured himself another whiskey and gestured to pour another for me. I covered the top of my glass to decline the offer.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I’m going to lie down for a bit.” I got up, unsteadily, and found my way to the guest bedroom. It was right off the hall that went to the living room and so I heard snippets of their conversation from bed.

“I remember when I was between boyfriends,” Lo was saying, “not literally. I mean, after I graduated college and before HH, I used to spend two or three nights a week at my friend Alyssa’s apartment. She and I were the best of friends back then. I had no romantic designs on her, but we’d share a bed, both of us naked, holding each other. She and I were both single and on nights that we didn’t want to go home with a stranger, we’d take comfort in the love we shared. After she fell asleep, I’d lie there, wide awake, horny, and I’d touch myself silently, careful not to wake her up with my strokes or my inevitably powerful orgasm. Now that’s what I do next to HH sometimes. Like tonight, I’ll probably have to do that since he drank too much.”

Hearing her say that brought a smile to my lips as my mind drifted off on whiskey-saturated clouds. I dozed for I don’t know how long before I was roused from my slumbers by the sound of Lo’s voice saying, “Are you sure you don’t want some company?” She was just entering my room and, as I opened my eyes, I saw Robert’s shadow in the hallway.

“I’ve had too much to drink. I’m going to feel like shit in the morning. Thank you, Lo,” he said politely.

“Well, won’t you at least tuck me in?” she asked. I saw her silhouetted against the hall light filling the doorway. She slowly removed her blouse, dropped her jeans, undid her bra and took it off, and then slid out of her panties. I felt her naked body sit on the edge of the bed and then lift up her legs on top of the covers under which I was lying. Her legs spread and her hand stroked between them.

Robert entered the room timidly. He bent down to offer Lo a kiss goodnight. She pulled his arm and gently guided him into the bed. “There’s room enough for all three of us,” she said.

He got into the queen-size bed. I heard Lo kiss him and before very long I heard him sleeping. I was about to drift off again myself when I felt and saw Lo caressing herself, there, naked, between the two of us.

After a restless night of beautiful dreams, I awoke to find Lo next to me, naked, and Robert next to her, fully clothed. She was nestled up to his body with her right hand on his crotch. I was holding her — a big spoon to her little spoon — caressing her breasts.

I carefully extricated myself from the scene and snuck into the kitchen to make coffee. I found my phone in my pocket and on it was a text from Lo. It was sent only a few hours earlier: “Can I fuck Robert? Please!”

I texted her back: “Good morning, my love. I was hard-up all night — from the moment you got into the bed next to me to the moment I woke up next to you, caressing your breasts and your sweet ass. Your warm, soft, luscious, naked body looks lovely in the morning light. In my dreams a word came to mind for you — NILF: Nymph I’d Like to Fuck. Yes, that’s you.

By all means, feel free to get Robert up! You have my permission to rouse him. Show him what a NILF you are.”

I was sitting, enjoying a warm cup of coffee when Lo sauntered into the living room wearing one of Robert’s dress shirts, covering her sexy body down to the middle of her thighs. She said nothing. She just cozied up to me on the couch.

“How are you, sweetheart?”

“I missed you, Daddy.”

“What about Robert?”

“Out like a light.”

“And you?”

She nestled her face into my chest and said something inaudible.


She looked up at me and repeated it in a whisper, “I need to get fucked.”

“By me or him?” I asked, adding after, “Or both?”

“Preferably both, but I’ll take what I can get.”

I stood up and dropped my trousers. She bent over the side of the couch and I entered her from behind. She held herself in place with her left hand and rubbed herself between her legs with her right. It took all of 90 seconds before she came the first time, audibly. It was about another minute and a half before she came a second time, even louder. The third time took about five minutes and it was deafening.

I pulled out and said, “You’re just trying to wake him up, aren’t you?”

“Am I a good NILF or bad?”

“It doesn’t matter, dear.”

“Why not?” she asked, puzzled.

“Because you’re my NIFL and I love you.”

She got on her knees and sucked me off until I came in her mouth and then she got up and we made breakfast together. The aroma of the eggs and toast must have woken Robert, because he finally emerged from the bedroom holding his head.

“Owe!” he lamented, “Aspirin!”

“Here,” said Lo, helping him to sit down at the table. “Have some of this,” she said as she poured him some orange juice and went into the bathroom to get the aspirin. She came back and nursed him.

“That’s my shirt,” said Robert after a moment.

“Oh, sorry,” said Lo. “Do you want it back?” she asked and made as if to unbutton it.

“No,” said Robert, “I just realized — it looks much better on you.”

We had breakfast together and then Lo removed the shirt and handed it back to Robert. “I’m just going to change and then we’ll be going,” she said, standing naked before him.

Robert was speechless.

“Thanks for the hospitality. But next time, try not to drink so much,” she said before disappearing into the bedroom.

“Do you remember what happened last night?” asked Robert of me.

“Yes,” I said.

“Do you mind sharing?”

“No,” I said, “but when I share, it is only good manners to stay sober enough to be up for it.”

[Editor’s note, this story involves Dr. Robert Smith. For previous stories that include him, click on the links to: Well Laid, Hey Good Lookin’, Pyro, Happy as a Clam, Good Night, My Whore, and Attention Slut. There’s no need to read those stories in that order for this story, but if you are interested in the long flirtation between Lo and Dr. Robert Smith, you can get the backstory in those posts.]

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