Nymphos Have Needs Too

Lola Down
5 min readSep 30, 2023
Lo (left) and sister Robie (right) before getting in the shower together

“Fuck me,” said Lo.

“Enough for now,” said her older sister, Robie. She had just face-fucked Lo with her strap-on, but Lo was wet from the scent of her sister’s pussy near her face.

“I know you want to,” said Lo, seductively. “I know using that on my mouth got you wet.”

There was no reply.

Ever since Robie had bought the sex toy, Lo had wondered about it. On occasion, Robie had Lo use it on her. Then, one night, they switched roles, at Lo’s insistence, and Robie filled Lo’s small snatch with it. That was how she lost her virginity — to her older, genderbending sister. There was no one Lo loved more than her older sister. She didn’t trust her because her sister played all sorts of cruel pranks on her — like getting her to sit on a jellyfish naked at the beach. But she loved her none-the-less.

For Robie, Lo was a fun plaything, especially at night when she was feverish for sex. She had brought her various boyfriends over and told little Lo to strip in front of them as the boyfriend fucked Robie from behind and both Robie and her boyfriend watch Lo. She knew her boyfriends loved it. It was an education for Lo too.

But now Lo said, “Fuck my ass with it.”

Robie laughed heartily.

“What?!” asked Lo, insulted.

“You couldn’t handle it.”

“That’s what you said about me deepthroating it.”

“Well, I taught you the trick.”

“Teach me the trick with anal then too!” implored Lo.

Robie was tempted, but she didn’t want to hurt her little sister.

“You’re a nympho,” said Robie.

“Nymphos have needs too!” said Lo, witty even then.

“Fine, turn over,” said Robie.

Lo did.

“Spread your ass cheeks. Let me see if your little anus can handle my cock.”

Lo was nervous, but she followed instructions.

“Oh my God!” said Robie.


“I’m not going to do your ass. Girl, you have to keep that balloon knot clean!”