Please Please Me with Pain

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“How can you fuck yourself now?” I asked her.

“How can you just go to sleep?!” she shot back.

“I’m in a bad mood,” I said, understating the problem.

“Well,” she said, “I think you should fuck your way out of a bad mood. Screw to happiness.” This actually brought a smile to my lips and I let her finish her self-care project as I drifted off to sleep hoping for a better day tomorrow.

As I lay in the darkness, actually trying to block the sound of her hand slapping her pussy lips out of my mind, she moaned and contorted her body. I’ve told you, dear reader, how Lo is a masochist. She loves to be spanked, whipped, slapped. She loves to shove her oversized dildo deep in her little hole till it hurts. She craves to have me pull, tug, and twist her little nipples till they pulsate with pain. Lately, her new form of self-torture is to pull on her pussy lips and stretch them out as far as possible. I first recall her doing this shortly before our encounter with Bill, when she said that she liked to reach down between her legs and pull her lips, one with each hand, and spread them like the wings of a butterfly. It was when she was in the back seat with Bill and she was stroking herself as she watched him beat-off, that she did this very same move — spreading her wet lips, pulling them till they smarted from the one or two inch stretch — and she said to Bill, “Don’t you want to cum all over these pussy lips?”

Now she was at it again and she placed one hand on my right arm and pulled it down to her crotch. “Feel how wet I am, Daddy,” she implored. I humored her. “Pull my pussy lips.” I pulled. “Harder,” she demanded. I pulled harder. “Further,” she moaned. I pulled further. “It hurts, Daddy.”

“I’ll stop,” I said.

“No,” she said, “more. Hurt me more.”

I kept pulling until she came — squirting on my fingers. I then rolled over and went to sleep. I don’t know if she continued to pleasure herself (I wouldn’t be surprised), but I nodded off into the night in the city that never sleeps.

[Excerpt from the story, “Beauty & the Beasts,” from the blog:]

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