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“Well Lo, the fact is, I’ve only had an orgasm once or twice in my life and. . . and I really need one. I’m not having sex. And. . .”

“Once or twice?!” Lola blurted out, without regard for how it would impact Sylvia. Poor Sylvia retreated into a curled up ball and nodded her head.

“OK, tell me about the once or twice,” said Lo.

“Well, the first time I was maybe eleven or twelve. I don’t really remember. I was in bed, it was summer time, and I was naked and I was pulling the sheet or the blanket or something between my legs, back and forth. I don’t remember how I started doing that, but I do remember the point where I realized it felt good. I kept on doing it and before I knew it. . . well, I had had an orgasm. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I knew that it scared me to death!”

Lo let out a little chuckle and said, “Yeah, the first time I had an orgasm I thought I had died.” They both laughed at that. “And the second time?”

“Well, like I said, it scared me to death and I didn’t try to repeat whatever I did the first time. But then I grew up and I started becoming sexually active and, well, I just never had another orgasm. Until. . . .” Sylvia trailed off suggestively.

“Until when?” squealed Lo. (She can’t show enthusiasm or this kind of interest in her professional sessions, but with friends she can be on the edge of her seat.)

“I was in the gym, in college. I was on the stationary cycle pedaling away. I don’t remember what exactly did it, but suddenly I was dripping all in my crotch and I was having convulsions on the cycle. Again, I was scared to death. I thought I was having a stroke or a heart attack, but it felt so good.”

“Were you watching TV or was there someone sexy in the room or. . .?” asked Lo.

“I really don’t remember. There was a TV on the wall and there were always football players in the fitness center. They didn’t really do cycling. That’s a good question. You know, Lo, I may have been watching one of those guys working out. I don’t really remember. But the friction of my sweatpants on my. . . it just felt so good as my little legs were pumping away. I had to get up and take a shower and change my clothes.”

They both laughed a bit and there was a little pause in the conversation before Sylvia continued. “But, Lo, I’ve never had an orgasm with a guy and now, well now I feel like I’m losing Clyde.” She grew glum again. Lo looked at her and tried to cheer her up. She said, just as spritely as could be, “Don’t worry, we’ll see to it that you put him back in the saddle again. Do you want to have a little practice session?”

Sylvia, though already completely in the power of Lo, moved slightly away and said, “Lo, I know that you, um, you have an open mind to new experiences, but I’m definitely hetero.” Lo just smiled and looked at Sylvia and said, “Don’t worry, we won’t do anything you’re not totally comfortable with. In fact, that’s the first step, you have to be comfortable.”

Sylvia put her hand on Lo’s and looked at her for a silent second, then said, “Lo, I trust you. I’m not totally comfortable, but I am desperate! It’s been so long. Teach me.”

Lo sprung up from the couch and turned down the lights, lit a few candles, and went into her bedroom. She came out with the full-length mirror that was on her door. She put it horizontally up against the wall and sat down in front of it and patted the shag rug and looked up at Sylvia and said, “Come on down here. Let’s have a little lesson.” Sylvia cautiously made her way down to Lo’s level. “OK,” said Lo, “We can do this with your sweatpants on or off. You have panties on?”

“Yes,” said Sylvia.

“We could do it in just panties, but it would be best with nothing on.”

“What are we going to do?” asked Sylvia with a tremble in her voice.

“A little anatomy lesson.” Lo slipped off her jeans down to her panties before Sylvia had a chance to say anything. “Look,” said Lo, “I’m not trying to seduce you or anything and if you don’t like this or feel comfortable, we can stop, but I think it will be very instructive.”

“OK, Lo,” said Sylvia, and she slid down to the shag rug where Lo was sitting. She wiggled out of her sweatpants and was in her tank-top and panties. Both Lo and Sylvia sat with their feet up against the mirror. As they looked into the mirror they could see their own and the other’s legs spread before them.

Lo looked at Sylvia and said, “Try this.” Lo began to gently rub her index finger up and down over her panties so that it traced the outline of her pussy lips. “Do it real soft,” she said. “Just a tickle.”

Sylvia followed Lo’s lead and ran her finger up and down her panties.

After a little while Lo asked her, “Do you ever do this when you’re alone?”

Sylvia blushed a little and shook her head “no.”

“Does it feel good?”

“It feels. . . good. I mean, I’m really self-conscious about this.”

“Just think to yourself how much guys would pay to see you doing this. Think about Clyde watching you. Think about being alone with Clyde and he’s sitting at the foot of the bed watching you tease your pussy over your cotton panties.” Lo was already wet before she began to touch herself and she could feel her pussy getting more and more moist as she slowly ran her finger up and down her panties. With each instruction she grew more aroused. Though she didn’t want to make Sylvia uncomfortable, she also couldn’t help looking at her friend’s crotch and how her thin legs came together right at the white cotton panties. She wondered. . .

“Are you getting wet?” she asked as if there were no filter between her mind and her mouth.

“No, not really,” said Sylvia. “It all seems so silly to me.”

Lo realized that this was going to be harder than she thought. She shut her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her finger on her pussy and just allowed her mind to wander. When she opened her eyes she turned and saw Sylvia watching her. The problem seemed to solve itself. She looked at Sylvia and said in a quiet voice, “Maybe you’re just uncomfortable with touching yourself. Does Clyde ever finger you?”


“Oh, sweetie,” said Lo as she reached to Sylvia’s wrist. “Do you mind if I help you out? I promise, this is strictly educational.”

Lo gently lifted Sylvia’s hand and said, “Keep your hand on top of mine.” Lo placed her hand between Sylvia’s legs and ran her index finger up and down the tight pussy lips that she had seen so often before through Sylvia’s sweatpants. Up and down went Lo’s fingers, gliding across the cotton surface like a breeze. Sylvia’s hand was on top of Lo’s and it gradually pressed Lo’s hand a little firmer. Lo transferred the energy to Sylvia’s fleshy pussy. Sylvia shut her eyes and put her head back. After a few moments, Lo cautiously and coyly slid her fingers under the elastic band of Sylvia’s panties. Sylvia didn’t object. Sylvia kept her own hand on the outside of the panties as Lo’s fingers explored the fleshy, tight lips of Sylvia’s crotch. Lo rubbed up and down and Sylvia’s hand followed Lo’s fingers as they stroked and pet her pussy. After a few minutes of this, Lo pulled up her hand and inserted her index and middle fingers deep into her wet mouth. She then put her hand back between Sylvia’s legs and carefully spread her tight pussy lips, trying to gently insert first her index and then her index and middle fingers into that pussy. Once she got about an inch inside her she could feel that Sylvia was getting very wet. Suddenly her fingers slipped all the way up to Lo’s knuckles. Lo began curling her fingers and wiggling them back and forth inside Sylvia. Sylvia moaned and turned her face toward Lo’s. Before either of them knew what they were doing, their lips met and they were kissing a long, passionate kiss, open-mouthed, tongues entwined. Lo’s fingers worked vigorously on Sylvia’s pussy and suddenly, without any warning, a warm, wet wave of cum washed over Lo’s hand and Sylvia just cried out with a small “Ah!”

Lo removed her fingers. Sylvia sat there, immobile, for some time. Then she turned to Lo and said, “Was that it? Was that an orgasm?”

“I think so,” said Lo with a smile. She removed her fingers from under Sylvia’s panties and licked them clean.

“But that wasn’t anything like what I felt on the cycle in the gym.”

“Not as good?” asked Lo.

“No, it was good. Don’t get me wrong. Just different.”

“That’s probably cause your other two orgasms were external — either through stimulation of your clit or your pussy lips alone — and this was internal. I hit your g-spot.”

“I have a g-spot?”

“Of course you do.”

“I didn’t think I did cause I never have an orgasm when I have sex with Clyde.”

Lo smiled and almost laughed at Sylvia’s naïveté. “That’s because women aren’t machines. It’s not like ‘You hit the bulls-eye, you win a prize.’ No, we’re more complex than that. You have to be primed and prepped, seduced, and brought to the brink first.”

“Do you think it’s still possible for me to cum the other way — I mean externally, like you said?”

“Possible? Of course it’s possible.”

“How?” There was a pause. “I want to feel that same feeling again.”

“I can try and show you,” said Lo. “Do you want me to?”

Sylvia nodded her head enthusiastically.

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