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I asked Lo to keep the blinds open, I took her over to the east facing windows and bent her over so that her hands were on the sill of the window and I was plowing her from behind. As she received my forceful thrusts, she looked out over to the neighbor’s windows. There she could make out perfectly clearly the couple who lives in that house watching TV or a movie or something in their living room. At one point the fella got up to get something from the kitchen. As he went to put a bowl or something in the sink, his eyes casually looked out the window in front of his sink and he caught sight of Lo bent over, her breasts dangling and rocking back and forth to the rhythmic jolts of my pelvic thrusts. He looked for a good long time, at first with some embarrassment, but then with more intensity. Lo’s eyes caught his and she relished in his observation of her animal-like sexuality.

Probably concerned that his wife, waiting in the living room, would begin to wonder about his whereabouts, he returned to her on the couch, but as she watched the TV, he kept looking up and out the window. Then we could see him say something to his wife and return to the kitchen where he pretended to do dishes. She probably thought to herself, “What the hell has gotten into him? He never does the dishes.” But, as she sat there on the couch, perhaps bored, she too looked out the window and must have seen Lo getting her fill from behind, for she proceeded to put her hand down her pants and start stroking her pussy. Her husband was in the next room, the water running, but his hand too had reached down his pants and he was pulling at his cock as he watched Lo’s show across the vacant yard. Each of them, unbeknownst to the other, was getting off to the same spectacle.

Lo, her legs exhausted and her pussy beginning to become sore, pulled off of me and got on her knees where she took my cock in her mouth. Our audience probably could see only her mouth taking in my hard meat, and it didn’t take long before I exploded in and on her mouth. After I did, we shut off the lights and watched as the man in the kitchen quickly grabbed at a paper towel and wrapped it around his dick and the woman in the living room slipped out of her pants and walked away, probably into the bedroom.

[Excerpt from the story, “An Intimate Encounter. . . With a Dirty Girl,” from the blog:]

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Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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