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The next morning, over coffee, Lo and I went through the hundred and fifty or so e-mail responses to the ad. As she said, most of it was total crap — lots of pics of cocks in bad lighting photographed at close range popping up like a jack-in-the-box on our computer screen, men who couldn’t spell let alone string together words into a sentence, and obvious fakes. But Lo starred four of the e-mails. One was of a college boy named Todd. He sent a decent photo of himself and was articulate. It sounded like he just wanted a good fuck-buddy and that he had done this sort of thing before.

Another response that got our attention was a young hetero couple — also in college — that was interested in bringing a third into their sexploits, because, the e-mail said, she was interested in exploring her interest in women. However, it was the boyfriend who wrote to us and that is always worrisome. There are so many guys out there pushing their female partners for a threesome with another woman that we didn’t want to contribute to that dynamic. Going in their favor was the fact that in this, their very first e-mail to us, they included a phone number as well as a cute pic of the two of them walking down a street — she in a sexy miniskirt and he looking like a prep-school boy. It was such a cute pic that both Lo and I suspected that the response was a fake.

The other two were men who had included tasteful pics of their cocks. I know Lo found them “tasteful” because she licked her lips at the prospect of licking those cocks. Before our coffee was through, she was dragging me into the bedroom. “Just a quicky,” she said.

This posting an ad thing was done with the intention of relieving me of some of the burden of keeping a nymphomaniac satisfied — an impossible task, by the way — but it was having exactly the opposite effect: I now had to get it up and hard for her more frequently than ever!

[Excerpt from the story, “Get Your Freak On!” from the blog:]

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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