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“Come,” was all her text message said.

“Too late,” I replied from the living room couch to her in the bedroom. I had been “up” all night caressing her naked body next to me until I finally woke up at my usual predawn hour. Now I was writing on the couch and the writing was going well.

“Please, come. I have to tell you something,” she texted right back.

“Call me,” I responded.

She did. I answered the phone, interrupting my writing. “What?”

“I need you.”

“You just want me to fuck you and now it’s too late.”



“What are you doing?”

“I’m writing.”

“Well, take a break. Just for five minutes. That’s all.”


“But I have to tell you something.”

“You have me on the phone, tell me now.”

“No, I have to show you something.”

“You just want to show me your wet pussy and then fuck me.”

“You don’t even have to get in bed. I just have something to show you.”

“That ain’t gonna work, Sweetheart.”



“Fine, I’ll just jill it without you,” she said and she hung up the phone.

I resumed my writing. I heard her cumming and cumming hard. My phone bleeped again. Another text message that said, “Now come.”

“No,” I texted back, adding, “I’ll be in there at 7:15.” It was 6:30 at that point.

No response. I wrote and when I was done it was 7:10. I got up, refreshed my mug of coffee, walked into the bedroom and found Lo sound asleep with her phone next to her.

“Are you ready for me?” I whispered. No response. She was very soundly sleeping. I leaned over her naked body on the bed and extricated her phone from her hand. It’s a little game we play — I try to sneak a peek at what naughty material she has used to pleasure herself and she tries to hide it.

As I leaned back to unlock her phone and open her browsing history, she suddenly sprung to life with a start, scaring the dickens out of me!

“What are you doing?!” she demanded.

“Just seeing where your dirty little mind has been.”

“Give it back.”

“No,” I said, greedily trying to discover her stash of porn.

“Give it back,” she commanded again, “or I’ll beat you.” She pulled out her Hitachi Magic Wand from under the covers and wielded it like a club, threatening to conk me on the head with it.

“OK, OK. Here you go,” I said, surrendering the contraband phone.

“Thank you,” she said, taking it back. “Did you come in here to fuck me?”

“Yes. That’s what you wanted me for, right?”

“Too late,” she said, throwing my own words back at me as she stroked her closely shaved pussy. “I already took care of it.”

“Once is never enough for you.”

“Well, this time it is.”

“You want me and I know it.”

“Do you want me?” she asked — never willing to give in until she hears it.

“I want you” I began “to feel good.”

“Do you want me?”

“You want me,” I threw back at her.

“Answer me or you’ll get nothing.”

“Yes,” I finally caved, “I want you.”

“Then fuck me.”

“Spread your legs wide like the little slut you are.”

She quickly did as commanded and I quickly slid inside her wet and waiting pussy.

“I might fall back to sleep,” she said as I began my slow thrusting, “but, if I do, keep fucking me. Use me.”

I was going in and out of her puss for only a few moments when suddenly it felt as if a dam had been opened between her legs. She came and gushed all over me and the sheets. I pulled out.

“What are you doing?”

“I came in here to make you cum. Mission accomplished.”

“Did you like it?” she asked.

“Yes, I liked it. I always like making you cum. But it was a little fast. It must have been some good porn you were looking at.”

“Maybe I’ll show it to you.”


“When you’re older.”

“I’m practically dead.”

“Shut up.”

“Did you like it?”

“You know I did, Daddy,” she said, putting her head on my chest. “I’m just going to sleep a little longer,” she said as she drifted off, leaving me hard-up for her naked and wet body.


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Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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