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Lying in bed at night, I’m sitting up reading a book. She’s on her back, playing with her tits — pushing them up, pulling on the nipples, looking down at them. She says, “Do you think my breasts are pretty?”

I look over at her. “Yes. Very much.” I go back to reading.

She continues contorting her boobs. “No, I mean, do you think they’re attractive?”

“Of course I do, Lo,” I say, without losing my spot on the page.

“Do you think people find them attractive?”

“What people?”


“Like who? The people who fuck you? The people who look at you on the internet? People you meet in the street? What people are we talking about?”

“Yeah, all those people.”

“Well, Lo, judging from the number of men and women who write to you every day and send in dick picks and photos of themselves jackin’ and jillin’ to your lovely images, I think the answer has to be ‘Yes.’ Anymore questions?”

I looked back down at her — she was jillin’ it to the thought of all those people cumming to her. Not satisfied with the thought, she rolled over on her tum, pulled out her phone, and began flipping through the scores of photos sent to her by her fans until she hit on one that did the trick. She came.


“Yes Lo?”

“Don’t you want to get behind me while I do this?”

“Didn’t you already do it?”

“Don’t you want to get behind me while I do this again?”

I put down my book, got up and out of my pj bottoms, and mounted her round ass as she, on her hands and knees, looked through the fan photos again. I thought to myself, “This could go on all night.”

Her tits were hanging down, rocking forward and back with each thrust. She held herself up with her left hand as she held her right hand, palm open just below her nipples so that they’d graze against her palm as they went back and forth. She liked feeling the fullness of her breasts as they hung there. “Do you think they are saggy?” she asked me over her shoulder as she scrolled through some more pics.

“What?” I asked.

“My tits — do you think they’re sagging?”

“No, Lo. You’re on all fours, like a bitch in heat, and gravity will do its thing, you know.

She flipped through the photos on her phone and she said, “Look, this couple here — she has very big, very saggy tits.”

Glancing over her shoulder, I could just make out what it was I saw. Luckily, I still had my reading glasses on. “They’re in their forties or fifties Lo. You’re in your twenties.”

I kept going at her as her fingers kept working their magic between her legs. “Do you think they’re attractive?” she asked.

“Who? The couple?”

“No, her tits.”

“Yes, Lo, they’re attractive,” I said.

“Saggy tits can be attractive, right?”

I gave up on answering and focused on hitting hard at the target. Apparently that took Lo’s mind off of her tits for a while because she found a photo that she stared at intently and she began convulsing on my cock, cumming hard.

When she was done, she pulled off of me and rolled on her back, phone still in hand, looking at the photos submitted by fans to her. I asked her, “Lo, what do they all do for you?”

“It’s not what they do for me that turns me on, it’s what I do for them.”

[From the blog:] [Original artwork of Lola Down by JoKoss]

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Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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