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The topic of conversation somehow turned to ways of gratifying one’s sexual appetite. Lo, honest as she was with her entourage, told them of her onanistic practices. She could tell as she related this story that the two fellas in the front seat, though she couldn’t see them, were hard as a rock and that Keith, who sat next to her, was squirming uncomfortably.

She said, “Oh yeah, I jack it about three times a day. Sometimes more if I am feeling particularly randy.”

“How randy are you feeling now?” asked Tim, who was driving. His eyes gleamed briefly in the rearview mirror as a headlight illuminated the soft brown irises and he met Lo’s eyes for an instant. “My baseline is very randy. I only go up from there.”

“Ccccould you jack it right now?” stuttered Donny nervously.

“Do you mean, do I want to?” asked Lo.

“Yeah, um, I mean, whatever,” he replied as he tried to feign disinterest.

“I could always jack it. Would I, is a different question.”

There was a long silence as they drove along the nameless highway.

“So, if I pulled over, would you jack it here, in the car?” said Tim, articulating the question that was on each of the guys’ minds.

“Do you want me to?” asked Lo.

And then they all burst out at once in laughter and Tim pulled the car off at the exit ramp. They drove for about a mile till they found a secluded, dark spot along the side of the rural road. Tim put it in park and clicked on the dome light.

Lo clicked off the light. “No lights. You’ll see well enough and I’ll find it distracting,” she said as she began to unbutton and unzip her jeans. She wriggled out of them till they were lying in a pile on the floor. She then put her right hand down under her white and pink lace panties and started stroking her pussy lips as her tongue ran its way across her teeth.

Tim and Donny had their necks craned from the front seat, intent upon seeing Lo as best they could. Keith had a ringside spot and, in order to let him see a bit better, Lo lifted up her right leg and put it on the seat behind him so that now her crotch was spread as far as it could go.

She let her head fall back as her right hand worked its magic between her legs and her left hand slowly pulled back the panties from her crotch so that all the guys might see her flicking her little clit with her index finger. She then started to insert her middle finger in and out of her wet pussy and she then, uncontrollably, let go of her panties as her left hand instinctually moved to squeeze her breasts and pluck at her nipples under her blouse.

This went on for about ten minutes as periodically a car’s headlights would stream past them. Finally Lo’s moans increased and the crescendo became screams as her legs twitched and shook with the violence of her orgasm.

[Excerpt from the story, “Fresh-men” in the book, Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume I: Nymphomania and the Single Girl]

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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