“Fill me up, Daddy!”

[The mini-series, “Mount Bliss,” continues from “Lola on All Fours” with this abridged account.]

We left the rest of the crew standing in disbelief of their own eyes and went up to the bedroom together.

Out of sight of the other four, Lo hugged me so hard that it seemed she would never let go. She began to cry.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” she sniffled into my shirt.

Besides my other kinks and fetishes, I am particularly plagued with a terrible condition known as dacryphilia — the sexual arousal that results from seeing someone cry.

Lo’s tears, her shame, her exhibitionism, her terrible teasing of me all day, nay, all week, and her repeating the refrain of “Daddy” all caused my already hard cock to swell to a stiffness I hadn’t felt in ages.

“Daddy, I’m so sorry. I’m so embarrassed. I’m so bad. Daddy, do you even still love me?” she asked, extremely repentant. That’s when she felt my love for her manifest in definitive form.

She dropped to her knees on the floor and held onto my rigid member with one hand and felt my soft sack with the other. She was worshipping it. “Your balls are so big. So full.” If crying turns me on, nothing turns on Lo like a male who is in desperate need of relief.

Tears were still running down her cheeks as she took me in her mouth. She looked up at me, “It’s been so long,” she said. I could feel the teardrops fall on my thigh.

Did she mean so long since she and I had been together or so long since she gave someone a blowjob? I didn’t know.

“Have me, Daddy,” she said, getting on all fours on the bed.

Her puss was still leaking and looked puffy, pink, gleaming and glistening like two perfect slices of tuna sashimi. I know that sounds weird, but I tell it like I saw it.

“What are you waiting for Daddy. Don’t you want to fill me up?” Doggie style, she awaited my mount.

“I feel like I’m. . . ,” I said.

“Don’t think about it, Daddy. Don’t think. Fuck.”

“Don’t think. Fuck,” I thought to myself. Fuck. Fuck her. Fuck her cunt. Fuck her filled foaming warm wet sloppy soaked queefing cum-drenched cum-infused cunt. And that’s just what I began doing as she audibly moaned with a sound that reminded me of the final, satisfying chord of a symphony. All that tension from the screech of the violins, the percussive pressure of rhythm, the rising anticipation of the bass as it ascends step-by-step up the scales, finally resolved in one beautiful resolution that was Lo’s guttural moan of pleasure. Mount Bliss.

I knew, however, that the tone of gratification was prelude to the new composition that she and I were in the process of creating together. I pulled back and saw in the darkness thick cum drip from the labia just before I pushed back in, deep and far.

Lo collapsed onto the bed, lunging forward from her doggie style position to being sprawled out on her tum, her legs spread, and reaching back with both hands to grab her ass cheeks and squeeze them as I continued to enter and exit her from behind.

“Yes, Daddy. Yes,” she said.

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

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