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“There’s nothing to explain. You broke the fucking rules.”

She begged. She pleaded. She implored me to listen to her.

I listened.

They met at the restaurant when he was a bit late. He was every bit as handsome in person as in his picks, Lo was relieved to discover. He was nice, pleasant, charming, disarming. Lo wanted him. Lo’s curiosity was piqued. She had seen his cock in pictures. She wanted to see it in person. They talked, but all Lo could think of was his fucking him. She betrayed her thoughts with her tongue doing its seductive scan of her lips. He noticed and remarked about it.

As they spoke, she raised her leg to rub it against his under the table. His hand dropped down below the tabletop and caressed her behind her calf. “Ooooh, that’s nice,” she said. “Oh yes.”

“So,” he asked as he continued to rub her leg, “do you think you’ll like to get more of that?”

“Oh yeah,” she almost moaned.

He rubbed up to her knee and her lower thigh.

She was dripping through to her seat in the restaurant. They ate the steak they were sharing and had a few drinks. They decided to skip dessert in order to indulge upon each other’s sweets.

After settling up, he said, “Do you want to see Carmella?”

“Is that what you call your cock?” asked Lo.

He blushed. “What?! No. That’s what I call my car.”

“Either way, yes.”

They walked out of the restaurant, down the street to the back street where he parked. He popped the hood so she could take a peek. This riled her up in ways that only polished chrome, steel, and leather could. Like a true gentleman, he opened the passenger door for her and let her in to the dark, luxurious cave.

He got in and without hardly a word, Lo’s lips were locked on his. Their tongues intertwined with sparks and shocks flying between them. She grabbed his shoulders and slid her hand down to feel his six-pack. He grabbed at her legs and let his hand slide its way up to her pussy. In her dripping wet cunt, he fingered her easily and within seconds Lo was screaming there in the vacant alley — her voice muted by the felt interior of the car.

The windows began to steam. He continued to press and caress the inside of her hood and she came again, and a third time. This time she said, “You have to stop!”


“Because, there’s something about me I didn’t tell you.”

“What’s that?”

“I, I squirt. I’m going to ruin your seats.”

“You ain’t gonna ruin nothing’ udding’,” he said as he made her cum yet again, this time accompanied by a long and steady stream upon the leather seats.

She finally let herself down off his hand and they kissed again, but he noticed that across from them a valet from the very restaurant they were in. He had parked a car and reclined his seat, looking over at them as they went at it. Hunter drew Lo’s attention to the shadowy figure and she said, “So what? Let him watch.”

They continued like that for a while when she said, “I should be getting back.” She knew that were she to continue like this she would unzip his pants and pounce on his cock with her pussy and, if that weren’t enough, she’d jump and hump the stick shift as well.

“I can’t let you get out here.”

“What?” she said in disbelief.

“No, I can’t let you get out here. That creep is still in the car across from us. I’ll drive you home.”

“No,” she protested. And that’s when she texted me to ask if she could go for a ride.

Despite her many protests, he insisted upon her safety and he started up the 400 hp V-8 and the rattle, hum, and vibration of the sheer power made Lo squirt again. That’s when she knew she couldn’t say no to his ride. That’s when she crossed a line. That’s when she felt bad. That’s when she knew that feeling bad felt oh so good. That’s when all protests ceased and she leaned back and enjoyed the tremors of the car as it pulled into the street. She reached down between her legs, putting her feet up on the dash, and enjoyed her own pulsations, moaning loudly as she did so. When he wasn’t shifting, Hunter reached his right hand over to her and rubbed her thighs and encouraged Lo’s self-pleasuring.

“You’re one sick fuck,” he said.

“Honey, you have no idea,” she replied without even opening her eyes. Before she knew it they were on our street. They parked, and the rest you’ve already heard.

“That’s your fucking explanation?!” I said.

“But Daddy, he was just watching out for my safety.”

“I told you you can’t go for a ride in his car for your safety,” I screamed, angrily. “I would have come to get you. All you had to do was call or text.”

“I’m sorry,” she said as she got on her knees and opened her mouth to take me in it.

“No Lo. This isn’t going to work. Not this time. You crossed a line. You disobeyed. You broke a rule. And you fucking lied to me.”

“What’s going to happen, Daddy?”

“I don’t know.”

I got up and walked to the bedroom. I got in the bed.

She followed.

“Get the fuck out!”

“Please, Daddy.”

“No, get out.”

“Please let me sleep here.”


She crawled next to me, crying.

“Daddy,” she whispered, “go on, tell me what I am.”


“Go on, Daddy. Tell me what a slut I am. Tell me what a whore; tell me what a horrible horny trollop I am.”

I knew that my saying these words would just turn her on and indicate that everything was alright again. Fucked up, no?


“Please, Daddy, tell me what I am.”

I rolled over, grabbed her roughly by her hair, and, my mouth only centimeters from hers, said, “You’re my fucking girlfriend.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

Our lips locked and I fucked her senseless that night, that morning, the whole fucking day.

[Excerpt from the story, “Silver Fox, Mynx, and the Hunter: Part I — The Games We Play,” from the blog:]

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