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We are sitting outside for dinner with two dear and longtime friends — a vanilla couple: Sam and Nancy. They’re both in their early twenties and Nancy’s parents announced their plans for divorce a year ago. Her father just began dating a woman and introduced her to Nancy. The conversation turns to how Nancy feels about this. “It’s really hard to adjust to,” she says, the strain of the thought visible on her face.

“Last time we saw him it was very awkward,” adds Sam.

“As a divorced man with kids, from my perspective, I think you should be glad for him — that he might be finding happiness after all that distress,” I chime in. It was not the right thing to say. Hearing that her parents’ marriage of twenty something years was “distress” didn’t ease Nancy’s angst.

A pretty blond walks by. My eye unconsciously follows the hem of her dress.

“That might be how you see it,” Lo says to me, “but ‘Daddy issues’ are a real thing and no matter how much Nancy can intellectually understand it from her father’s perspective, there will always be a pain that goes with the attention he shows another woman.”

I give Lo a long, silent look that expresses a lot that can’t be spoken at the moment.

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