Lil’ Squirt

[The mini-series Mount Bliss continues from “A Brush with the Little Death.”

Friday morning and Lo woke up in Lily’s arms, the sheets wet, her hairbrush buried under the covers.

Collin was already up, sitting in the chair next to the bed, drinking his coffee and reading the complimentary paper.

When he saw Lo’s eyes lock with his, a big, broad smile illuminated his face and he winked at her.

Lo carefully extricated herself from Lily’s arm draped over her breasts. She snuck into the bathroom quietly, so as not to wake the angelic Lily.

She took a shower and while she was in there, suddenly, startling her, out of the fog entered Lily.

“Don’t worry, Lo,” she said, “I just thought we could be quicker this way.” Lily got in the shower with Lo and the two of them soaped each other up.

“Sorry about last night,” said Lo.

Lily just snickered a bit before saying, “It was hot.”

“And wet,” added Lo, also laughing now.

“So wet!”

Lo was simultaneously embarrassed and proud of her accomplishment.

“Do you think Collin heard,” Lo asked.

“So what if he did,” replied Lily.

They rinsed off and dried each other off before entering the main room to get dressed. Collin remained in the chair and watched them, bemused.

“Hungry girls?” he asked, ambiguously.

“So hungry,” said Lo, pulling her pink panties up.

“Mmmmm,” moaned Lily, putting on her bra. “I can’t wait for breakfast!”

The trio went down to the restaurant and ordered up a storm. While they were sitting there, Lo spotted her admirer from the previous day sitting at a table with his wife. They waived at her. She waived back.

“We’ll probably see him again at the pool today,” remarked Collin to the girls.

“What time is check-out?” asked Lily.

“One,” answered Collin.

From breakfast, they went right to the pool area. There was no need to stop back up at the room because they could just remove their shorts, tops, panties, and bras for a quick dip. That’s exactly what they did, though Collin remained dressed in his jeans and short sleeve shirt. When Lo and Lily were in the pool, Lo again inquired, “What is up with your uncle?”

“What do you mean?” asked Lily.

“He hasn’t made a pass at me this entire time. Not yesterday at the pool. Not last night when I showed him how smooth my puss was after shaving. Not this morning.”

“Are you trying to seduce him?” asked Lily with an air of faux judgment.

“I usually don’t have to try,” replied Lo.

“I think he just enjoys our company,” said Lily.

Lo wasn’t buying it.

When the two of them returned to the lounge chairs to tan, a number of men, many whom Lo had danced with the previous night, approached to ask permission to fool around with them. Lo and Lily turned them all down, except one. The married guy Lo had flirted with at the pool the day before.

“Do you have a condom?” asked Lo.

“Yes,” he said.

“Put it on,” she said.

He went back to the table where his wife was sitting and reached into her bag. He returned with the condom. Because he wasn’t hard yet, he asked Lo if she would mind putting it on him.

She obliged, fondling his balls and stroking his cock. He grew hard quickly in her hand. She was lying naked and he stood at her side. When he was rigid, she opened the condom package and slid it on his rod. He might have thought something else was going to happen, but Lo only stroked him over the condom as he looked at her. She used her left hand to fondle herself and, occasionally, she looked up at him with an open mouth as if he would or could cum in it. She knew he was about to blow and so she grabbed his member firmly in her palm and told him to cum. She could see him cumming in the condom, filling it up with his jizz. When he was done, he had to sit down in the chair next to Lo.

“That was amazing,” he said to her with much appreciation.

Lo looked at his middle-aged wife across the pool. She seemed not to care.

After the man left, Lo looked at Collin, trying to discern something from his face, but all she drew was a blank. He clearly had watched her, but what did it do for him? She looked at his crotch. It was big and full, as usual, but not displaying a raging hard-on, as she expected.

Lo turned over onto her tum. She pulled out her old trick from high school. “Collin, would you put some sunscreen on my back?” she asked.

Collin got up, put the lotion in his palm, and began applying to Lo’s shoulders.

“Lower,” she instructed.

He applied it to her back.


He applied it to her lower back.

“Lower,” she said slowly.

He applied it to the dimples by her kidneys.

“Low-er,” she said even slower.

He applied it to the top of her ass.

“Lowwww-er,” she said with a moan of pleasure.

He applied it to her ass cheeks.

She then raised her ass like a little inchworm to expose everything to the bright light of the sun, thus requiring it to get some lotion applied to it.

“Yeah,” said Lo, as Collins big hands ran between her legs, “that’s it.”

Finally getting the touch and attention she craved, she felt something welling up inside her.

“That’s enough,” she said abruptly.

Collin stopped.

Lo turned over and squeezed her legs together.

Oh shit! Oh shit! Why can’t I control this?!

She gushed from her pussy onto the lounge chair, causing it to rain onto the hot concrete beneath her. Collin and Lily saw. Lo was mortified.

“It happens sometimes,” said Lo, turning very very red in her face and on her chest.

She walked over to the showers and got under them, looking around to see if anyone saw what had just happened.

Soon the trio got dressed and packed up to leave the resort.

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