Lola Down
6 min readSep 5, 2023
Model Jennifer Battistoni Kincade

[Continued from Young Lust, Dirty Woman]

The dad was lying back, sleeping or simply suntanning. I was sweltering in the sun and so I got up and asked Lo, “How’s the water?”

“So refreshing!”

“Looks a little chilly,” I said as I looked down at her pointy nipples.

“It’s delightful.”

“Seems like you’re delighting in more than the water and weather.”

“Go on, Daddio, try it for yourself.”

Was she trying to get rid of me?

I walked to the water. It was like bath water. I didn’t hesitate to get in and cool down as much as I could. I felt myself burning in the sun, but didn’t want to curtail Lo’s little jaunt. I thought that maybe, if I stayed in the water, I would avoid a burn. I knew from experience that was not true, but it felt better to be in the water than shriveling up dry in the sun. I sat in the shallow water looking out at the Mediterranean. To my surprise, not much later, the mom walked into the water beside me. She passed me. I saw from the back that she was much more heavyset than I had thought when I saw her sitting on the blanket. She was rather round on the bottom.

She stopped about five feet in front of me and bent over to splash water on her face and shoulders. As she did so, I could see her FUPA (fat upper pubic area) fall forward like a curtain in front of her. Her ass was large and round. There was so much flesh that I couldn’t even see her pussy. I wondered to myself how her husband fucked her, but then I remembered his enormous member and realized he probably could fuck her from a foot away when fully hard.

The thought crossed my mind that she might be putting on a show for me. She was very attractive and this view was. . .

Uh oh! Now I was getting hard. The tip of my cock was pointing upward like a mushroom growing out of the water. I dared not stand up because then I’d be even more conspicuous, but what will happen when she turns around?

I didn’t have to wait long to find out because no sooner had the panicked thought presented itself, than she did turn around and look right at me. I saw her eyes glance down at my attention-grabbing appendage and she smiled!