I only found out that my girlfriend sucked off my best friend the morning after it happened, though it happened in the bedroom across the hall from where I was sleeping.

Our Little Secret

I awoke that Sunday morning, much like any other Sunday, with Lo lying next to me asleep, naked. It was seven a.m. and no one was up and about. My best friend James, I assumed, was still asleep in the guest bedroom. So I got up and made coffee for everyone, not least of which, myself. I poured a cup, grabbed my computer, and instead of going to the living room that morning as I usually do, I went back to the bedroom. I don’t know why exactly. Maybe it was the slight chill in the air that autumn morning. Maybe it was just to be closer to Lo and watch her sleeping as I wrote. I’m not sure what it was. But I sat down and began editing some work I had done when, about ten minutes into it, I saw Lo’s phone light up and vibrate. I didn’t want her to be woken up by anything and so, out of defense of her sleep, I grabbed it — also, something I don’t usually do. I fumbled with it to silence it before it woke her and I managed to do that successfully and then, as I was going to put it back, I saw that it was a text from James that had sent the thing into convulsions.

It read: “Does HH know about last night?”

Last night? Do I know what about last night? Unable to let the quandary alone, I tapped in Lo’s password — 5455 (spells: J-I-L-L) — and looked at the full text history. There it was, illuminated for me in blue, grey, and black:

Lo: Are you awake?

James: Yes. Why?

Lo: Can I come over?

James: Why? Is everything OK?

Lo: I want to suck your dick.

Oh, my little slut! I was sure she did what she intended to do.

I looked at Lo again, lying innocently on her pillow. I looked carefully at her slightly parted lips. I thought of what she did with those lips just a few short hours ago. And. . . and I got hard as a rock and wanted her so very, very badly. . . the little slut.

I knew better than to wake my love. But I couldn’t resist a little temptation. I took her phone, my computer, my coffee and slipped out into the living room. If she’s going to sneak around my back in front of me while I slept, well, two can play at that game.

Once in the living room I texted back to my friend James. Here’s how that went:

Me (as Lo): Morning James, how did you sleep?

James: Hardly at all. I was thinking about you all night.

Me: Oh, do go on.

James: Your special appearance in my bedroom last night had me hard all night long.

Me: You should have texted me and told me, I would have made sure you were able to get back to sleep.

James: I didn’t want to appear greedy.

Me: I LOVE greedy when it comes to sex!

James: I’m a bit greedy right now.

Me: HH is awake. To answer your question, he doesn’t know about last night . . . yet. But he soon will.

James: I wish you could come here right now. I’m pitching a tent.

Me: Tell me exactly what you liked about last night.

James: Seeing your naked body appear silhouetted in my door. Seeing you get down on your knees. Feeling your warm hands on my thighs. The initial contact between your tongue and my cock. How you teased it with your tongue and kissed it and licked it and then took it all the way down your throat! It was amazing.

Me: Don’t stop now. Go on. [I wanted to find out just what naughtiness Lo was up to last night. Did she sleep with him? Did he finger her? Or what?]

James: The feel of your silky hair in my hands as I pressed your face down on my cock.

Me: Oh, now you’re turning me on. [I was beginning to feel a bit bad about this charade, but I kept telling myself I had nothing to feel bad about.]

James: Are you playing with yourself like you were the other day when I saw you?

Me: Oh yeah. I’m practically fisting myself, I’m so wet!

James: I wish I could see that.

Me: If you play your cards right, you will. [I’m so bad. I’m such a tease. But, to be very honest, I enjoyed impersonating Lo and I think I did it pretty well. Very true to her own personality.]

James: You really are a nympho, like HH said.

Me: Oh, don’t believe HH. He underestimates everything.

James: It seems like he was spot on.

Me: I wish you were on my spot. [So corny!]

James: Me too.

Me: Go on about last night. I like hearing the post-game show.

James: What can I say? — the way you deep throat is AMAZING, and then you let me cum on your tonsils. And you swallowed it all!

Me: I don’t have tonsils. That’s the trick. [It’s true. Lo loves to brag about this.]

James: Can I fuck you?

Me: What do you take me for? A whore?

James: I’m sorry.

Me: No, go on, I want to hear you beg.

James: Please, may I fuck you?

Me: If you’re good.

James: My flight doesn’t leave till eight. When? Where?

At this point I was really beginning to feel bad — like I had crossed a line with both Lo and James. So I got up and began walking down the hall to the bedroom as I texted:

Me: Shhhhhhh, HH is coming!

The texts went silent. I walked into the bedroom to find Lo just waking up. She instinctually reached for her phone on the night stand as she does every morning, first thing in the morning. It wasn’t there.

“Looking for this?” I said with a devilish smile on my face.

“What are you up to?” she said, squinting to see.

I passed her the phone with all the chat messages on the screen. She read them.

“How dare you!” she said accusingly.

“How dare you!” I retorted.

“You sneak!”

“You slut!”

“You imposter!”

“Oh, don’t get so high and mighty with me. You know you would have said the exact same things I texted.”

“I would not have!”

“Yes you would have!”

“It’s not true!”

“Come on, really?”

“I wouldn’t. Do you think I’d say ‘practically fisting myself’? No. I’d be fisting myself.”

“I love you!” I said with a giant smile as I reached down to grab her.

“I love you too!” she said as her dirty lips, fresh from James’ cock, responded to my hungry mouth. We embraced. We locked lips. We kissed forcefully, and I fucked her good and hard till she was screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear, let alone James.

When we were done (or I was done), I refreshed my coffee and returned to the living room to read the morning paper.

About fifteen minutes later James entered the room, dressed, looking well-rested, chipper, and with his own mug of coffee.

“Morning, James. Did you have a good night?” I said with a smile, delighting in his apparent uncertainty as to whether I knew or not about his tryst with Lo.

[Excerpt from “The Big Game” as found on mysexlifewithlola.com]

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Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

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