The Boyfriend and the Boyfriend’s Father

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Back when Lo was with her high school boyfriend, Rob — the one who robbed her of her virginity — Lo was with him at least partly because she had a crush on his father. When Lo and Rob first started dating, Lo was taken aback, immediately, by the striking good looks of Rob’s father. Rob was a handsome kid — six-pack tum, broad shoulders, jet-black hair, an angular jaw and face. But his body was still lanky and thin — as if he had the frame of a man, but had not yet filled it in with the flesh. His father however — a man in his late forties — possessed all the attractive features of the son, but had large, powerful biceps (he worked construction) and his shoulders were not just broad, but, as Lo saw one hot day when the father was mowing the lawn with his shirt off, ripped with the dimples and bulges that characterize the area of the collar bone to the bicep. His waist, though showing signs of a beer-belly, still had hidden just beneath the excess flesh, the ripples of a six-pack. And south of the waist she could tell that not only was the father as well-endowed in length as the son (a good 10”), but that he also had greater girth and a package to be reckoned with. Oh how Lo pined away for that cock. Ironically Rob’s father’s name was Dick and that is exactly what Lo wanted from him — his large, hefty, rock-hard dick.

All during their first couple of months of dating, Lo flitted about whenever Dick was in the room. She got all nervous and her heart started racing and butterflies filled her stomach. She smiled and stared inadvertently and felt as if she was making an absolute fool of herself. This feeling was accentuated by the fact that Dick was quiet, perhaps even shy, and almost always grumpy. But every once in a while Lo would say or do something that would evoke a short-lived smile from him and this made her almost swoon with delight.

Soon after Lo had lost her virginity to Rob, sex became their main activity — except for those long boring hours when Rob was addicted to his moronic video games. Losing her virginity and opening up the possibility of sex was a huge relief to Lo because the mere sight of Dick made her crazy with desire. Before she and Rob had had sex, this pent-up desire was just about driving her mad and she felt in desperate need of a hysterical paroxysm. This meant that she would frequently excuse herself from Rob’s house on some pretense or other and rush home to her bedroom where she’d spend three-quarters of an hour fingering and fucking herself. But once the threshold of sex had been crossed, she was finally able to relieve her pent-up desire more expediently by flirting with Dick and then pulling Rob into his bedroom and having a quicky on the bed with him. Her already wet pussy would just gush on his cock and his lap as he sat on the bed and they watched their young, nubile bodies in the mirror bouncing up and down.

Dick seemed aloof and almost oblivious to Lo. Of course that was interpreted as a challenge for her. Whenever she went shopping, her first criteria for her clothes were, “Will Dick notice this? Will he like it? Will it make him hard?” Consequently, most of Lo’s time in high school she was dressed like a $10 whore. She would wear tight miniskirts and a tank top without a bra to Rob’s house and, when in the kitchen with Dick she’d accidently drop her keys or her book and then bend over so that Dick could see right up the back of her skirt. But, so far as Lo could tell, this had not succeeded in its desired effect. As time passed and she became closer with the family over the months, especially as the holidays approached, she took to giving Dick a polite, but desirous kiss on the cheek when she greeted him and if he didn’t respond she’d flirtingly say to him, “Oh, what a grump you are today!” He would sometimes look at her and flash those lovely teeth in a forced smile. Then she’d say, “That’s it. See, it doesn’t hurt to smile,” and she’d rub his back or his shoulders in a friendly manner.

These brief interactions really riled her up. The smell of his cologne, the rough stubble of his five o’clock shadow, the firmness of his arms and back made Lo want to rub something else too. This innocent interaction went on for some months until one day Lo went over Rob’s house looking for Rob and only found Dick at home. It was early in the day and Lo was surprised Dick was there and Rob wasn’t. Rob’s parents usually worked till five and got home after six and so Lo and Rob usually met right after school, had sex for an hour or two in the empty house, and then she would stay around while he played video games until she either had to go home or decided to eat dinner over there. But this time, eager for her 3 o’clock rendezvous and romp in the sheets, Lo was greeted by Dick instead. “Oh, Mr. ____________, what are you doing home?”

“Hi Lo,” he said, his voice a bit tortured. “I pulled out my back at work and so I took a half day. I’m sorry, but Rob’s not home. I don’t know where he is.”

“Oh, Mr. _______________, I’m so sorry about your back. Are you ok?”

“I’ll be alright. I’m in a lot of pain right now though.”

“Can I help at all? You know, my best friend’s mom is a masseuse and she taught me how to give the perfect back massage.”

“That’s nice Lo, but I’ll pass.”

“No,” said Lo sweetly, “I insist. Really.” And she let herself in and went for the bathroom. “Let me just get some hot washcloths together as compresses and. . .” and she went to work. She came out of the bathroom with three washcloths and said, “OK, you have to lie down on your stomach.” He went to lie down on the carpeted living room floor and she said, “No, not here! That will just make it worse. You need a softer surface. Come on,” she said, grabbing his big hand and leading him to the master bedroom. “Lie down.”

Dick went to lie down, but she interrupted him again, “Take your shirt off, silly. How am I supposed to help you with your shirt on?” He gave her a look and then removed his shirt and laid on his stomach on the king size bed. She gently applied the steaming hot washcloths to his lower back as he let out a sigh of relief. “Mr. __________________, in order to do this properly, I’m going to have to straddle you so I can reach your shoulders,” she said, not asking permission, but saying just what she was going to do almost as she was doing it. She was wearing her short jeans skirt and a thong underneath. Her pussy was rubbing up against the rough denim of Dick’s ass and Lo liked it. She leaned over far and began with his neck and shoulders. She loved looking at his naked back and those broad, strong deltoids. She could feel her pussy getting wet as she slowly rocked back and forth to massage all his muscles in a slow, circular fashion. “Does that feel good?”

“Oh yeah,” he muttered into the pillow.

“In order to focus the massage, I’m going to use just one hand. This is a special technique my friend taught me.” Lo said this, completely making it up, in order to free up one of her hands to rub her clit. Dick had no idea. The hand that was massaging him was doing such a good job at pain relief that he wasn’t about to ask questions. Meanwhile, Lo was busy giving herself a pussy massage. As she began to cum she couldn’t help but to cry out a bit. So she had to stop right at the beginning of her orgasm, and put both hands back on Dick’s back, lest she give herself away completely. She put her hands on his shoulders again and she then realized to her horror that her panties were beginning to get soaked — soaked right through. He would feel the warm wetness oozing onto his bare back if she didn’t immediately create a diversion. She tried to think quickly, but her brain was all awash with warm feelings that had been abruptly interrupted, like surfing and beginning to catch a perfect wave, but having to let it go just after getting on top of it. Luckily for her, just at that moment she and Dick both heard the screen door squeak open and slam shut. Each of them hastily jumped up out of the bed and tried to arrange their attire properly. Lo felt her juices dripping down her inner thigh.

Dick looked at her blushing face and said, “Let me go first.” He walked deliberately into the kitchen and began yelling at Rob, “Where the hell were you? You were supposed to be back here an hour ago.” Before Rob could even say anything, Dick continued at a rapid pace, “Here I am with a bad back having to put up with your little tart friend. If you’re going to have friends over, at least be here when they get here. Shit! I’m tired of having to clean up your fucking messes.” Rob just stood there, at first with an amazed and surprised look on his face, unable to fathom why the hell his father was going off the handle at him, but then his expression turned to anger and resentment, feeling that he was again being unjustifiably abused. He simply turned around in the doorway and walked down the hall to his bedroom muttering “Fuck you” under his breath. At the end of the hall he met Lo who was meekly and mutely standing there, matting down her wrinkled skirt. “What the fuck are you looking at?” said Rob like a total asshole, repeating the abuse of his father on Lo. He opened his bedroom door and went in as Lo followed him. Dick turned just at the last moment and saw Lo’s little ass going into the room.

In the dark room Lo sat on the bed as Rob fumbled around among his stuff. He was really angry and he was saying all sorts of things about his old man as he rummaged through his mess of a desk. Lo just watched him in silence. He finally found what he was looking for — a copy of Hustler magazine. It was very retro, but he started looking at it and then he threw it to one side. He turned on his computer. His computer was full of porn. He opened up some graphic photo files and looked at those for a while and then he opened a video and turned it on with the volume on low. He got on the edge of the bed and told Lo to suck his cock. This was the way that he relieved his stress and anger. She diligently obeyed. She got on her knees and unzipped his pants and pulled them down around his ankles. She then reached into his boxer shorts and pulled out his long 10” cock. She first caressed it back and forth for a while as he was watching the porn on the screen, not even seeing her. He then pushed her away for a moment as he grabbed his cock and began stroking it himself, getting very hard. Then he pulled her head toward his crotch and forced her mouth down the entire length of his long, hard dick. She took it all in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down as she sucked long and deep. Then he said he wanted to fuck her. She pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties and sat on his cock, reverse cowboy. But he complained that he couldn’t see the porn on the computer, so she went over to the window and bent over. “Come here and take me this way,” she cooed. He stood up and entered her from behind with his head turned 90 degrees from the window, looking at the computer screen. Lo looked out the window as he frantically pounded her pussy, slicing it in and out with his long cock, thrusting so hard that his hips smacked up against her ass and his balls bounced up against her clit. He continued to look at the porn on the computer watching four or five women fucking one guy as Lo watched the people outside passing by.

Then Lo saw that Dick had gone outside and he was opening the hood of his car. As he went to look under the hood, she saw him glance over it at the bedroom window where she was. Their eyes met briefly. She knew he saw her there, bent over, being pounded. So she reached back and pulled up and off her tank top, revealing her breasts as they hung down beneath her like the utter of a cow, gently rocking back and forth with each pounding from Rob’s cock. She reached her hands down and felt her hard nipples and she could see that Dick was watching the window intently, though trying to pretend he was examining the car engine. Lo’s tongue slid its way over her pearly white teeth as she then bit down on her lower lip. She loved the idea of Dick watching her get fucked by his own son.

Soon Dick, not knowing what to do, pulled out a wrench and started working at some bolt or something, trying to loosen it up. His muscles flexed, his arms shimmered with definition, and Lo’s cunt became saturated, dripping down to her ankles. She longed for the dad’s cock even as she got fucked by the son. Wouldn’t it be great to have both, one after the other? While I’m at it, she thought, why not both of them at the same time? Oh the thoughts that filled her brain! Dick kept on peeking over at the window, thinking he wasn’t seen or, if he was seen, thinking that Lo wouldn’t know where he was looking in the bright sunlight. Just as Lo was thinking about what it would be like to have both Dick and Rob, she felt Rob’s cock explode deep inside her pussy and inject her with a giant infusion of warm, wet cum. He pulled out his cock and collapsed on the bed, leaving Lo standing in the window, bent over, dripping with her white cream filling down her legs. Lo watched Dick watching her as she turned around and bent over to pull up her now wet panties. Her pussy dripped the rest of the day making her panties soaked through and through and reeking of sex.

When she had readjusted all of her clothes, she told Rob that she had to get going. He barely heard her as he continued to watch porn and she left the room. In the kitchen, she ran into Dick grabbing a soda out of the fridge. “I saw you working on your car,” Lo began. “I guess your shoulders and back are feeling better.”

Dick choked a little on the gulp he had in his throat when she said this and he turned to her and said, “Um, yeah, I’m feeling better. Still a little sore though.”

Lo reached up to his sweaty shoulder and touched it. “Oh yeah,” she said, “I can feel how hard and tense it is. You really should do something about that. Rub it out or something.” Dick turned away from her seductive eyes and muttered something incomprehensible. Lo could feel the wetness still gushing down her inner thigh. “Well, Mr. _____________, I really have to be going.”

“So soon?” said Dick, “But you just came.” Dick was too dumb for repartee of such wit and swiftness, but he wasn’t so dumb that he didn’t realize immediately after the words came out of his mouth the unintended double entendre.

Lo said, without missing a beat, “No I didn’t, but I will soon. See ya, Mr. _____________.” And with that she practically skipped out the door.

[Excerpt from the story, “Why Dads Make the Best Boyfriends,” from the book, Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume I: Nymphomania and the Single Girl]

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