[Continued from, “Feed it to Me.”]

“Daddy,” asked Lo, “if it’s ok with you, when the guests arrive, I’d like to pretend for the night that I’m Robert’s girlfriend.”

I raised my eyebrows as a confused bunch of emotions swirled in my mind. Of course one of those emotions was arousal. But there was also intrigue, surprise, befuddlement, and a twinge of hurt and even a sliver of jealousy. Why wouldn’t she be ok with introducing me as her partner? Why the rouse? All of these thoughts flooded my mind, but then, at the flash of her pearly whites and her sexy red tongue gliding over them seductively, I could see that the real reason for the roleplay was because it excited her.

She liked the thought of taunting me, making me jealous, leaving me in the cold — the third-wheel as she got to be the center of attention. So, what was I to do? I capitulated and she gave me a devoted little peck on the cheek as a reward.

She practically danced back to Robert to give him the good news and I saw his face light up. I imagine he has felt a bit awkward as a middle-aged single guy in a mostly coupled world. And that awkwardness couldn’t have been diminished at all by coming to our house at all hours of the night for a booty call with Lola. So, her little charade for the evening’s entertainment must have boosted his confidence.

“You know,” I said to Lo at one point before the guests arrived, “there’s a job for what you do.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, clearly delighted by her acting role.

“It’s called ‘girlfriend rental,’ or something like that. I saw an article about it a while ago. Men who don’t have girlfriends can hire a woman to be their date for a company function or even for Thanksgiving!”

“Hmmmmm, interesting,” she pondered, “a little side-hustle.”

[From the blog: mysexlifewithlola.com]

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