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[For all our friends and fans, readers and rogues practicing good social distancing and trying to be entertained at home, we are now going to provide you with a special mini-series: “Mount Bliss.” This story is from a little vacation to the mountains that we enjoyed a year ago. It involves some characters you have met already: Lola, HH, Jim, Lily, and Uncle Collin.

You can find the stories that they are in by putting their names into the search box at the top of the page on, but for this series, you don’t need to know their backstories.

We will do our best to post a new story every day. Hopefully it’s a story you enjoy. As always, we enjoy reading your comments.]

We had just finished watching David Hamilton’s film, Laura. Yes, a throwback to 1979 and one that I had seen back in the “arthouse” days of cinema. I had told Lo about it and her curiosity was piqued. Not only was it sexy, taboo (in more ways than one), delightfully innocent (in more ways than one), and a classic of retro soft-porn, but it was an artifact from my sexual “youth,” or at least my younger days. It was incredibly difficult to obtain since no one in America would touch it, stock it, sell it, or even acknowledge its existence. But I had managed to procure a copy. Anything for my Lo.

When I say we had just finished watching, keep in mind that Lo rarely gets through hardly any movie in one sitting, let alone a film involving overt sex and sexuality. It had taken us five nights of her masturbating on the couch in fifteen minute bursts (towels spread on the couch and on the floor, of course) followed by role playing in the bed before we got to the final, climactic scene. You could say she watched the movie in fits and spurts. Now we were on the bed and she was looking up at me, over her shoulder, saying, “Daddy,” and I stood behind her bare bottom ready to ‘deflower’ her when suddenly her phone began vibrating. Usually vibrating objects in the bedroom are welcome, but this was worse than coitus interruptus. This was pre-coitus annoy us. Lo grabbed her phone, looked at who was calling — Lily — and decided to answer it.

“Hey!” she said enthusiastically. Then she turned around again, looked at me and made a motion with her free hand that I should penetrate her anyway, even as she was on the phone.

“No, it’s not too late to call,” she said as I eased inside her very wet snatch.

“Ooooohhhh,” she moaned into the phone, “that sounds good!” I thought she meant to say, “that feels good,” but whatever.

I continued going in and out as she was saying, “Uh hu. Uh hu. Yep,” to her friend.

I was feeling a little mischievous and I wanted a little more attention thrown my way, so while she listened to Lily on the phone, I grabbed her ass with both hands and slowly began circling her rear entrance with my thumb. Like a planet gravitating to the event horizon of a black hole until it is swallowed by the singularity, suddenly my thumb was up to the first knuckle in.

“WOW!” I heard Lo exclaim, but it sounded more like “Owwwww” with a double-u just barely in front. She turned around and gave me a look before saying, “I mean. . . that’s just so exciting!”

Enjoying the attention I got and also enjoying embarrassing her a bit, I continued to insert my thumb up to the second knuckle. I could feel my cock thrusting up against her rectovaginal septum. She began to ease into it.

“Ooooh yess,” she said into the phone. “I can’t wait. It will be sooooo goooood.”

I held her ass with my hand, grabbing on from the inside with my thumb as my four fingers held her from the outside. I pulled out my cock as I felt her cunt clenching. I grabbed her even more tightly with my hand and watched as she squirted all over the bed and my knees. It felt as if I had a leaky catcher’s mitt on my right hand. Using that hand, I flipped her over on her back, before sliding my thumb out from in her. She looked up at me and then I saw her eyes roll to the back of her head as she was breathing heavily.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m here. Yes, I’m ok. Just, uh, washing the dishes,” she said. “OK, I’ll talk to you later. Thanks! Bye.” She hung up.

“Washing the dishes?” I asked, incredulously.

“Shut up! Who gave you permission to double-penetrate me?”

“You didn’t like it?”

“I loved it, but that doesn’t mean I expected it.”

“Well, I didn’t expect you to take a phone call just as I was going to knock on your front door. What did Lily want anyway?”

“Do you remember Lily’s Uncle Collin?”

“How could I forget? His big house, his big horse, his. . .”

“His big cock!” Lo interrupted.

“You didn’t see his cock.”

“I know, but I thought that’s what you were going to say next.”

“I was going to say his big personality.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Anyhow, what about him?”

“He called her and invited us to his other house; a little cottage on a lake.”


“Yeah, you, me, Lily and Jim.”

“For when?”

“Next week.”

“And you said yes?”

“I hope that’s ok, Daddy.”

“You know I can’t next week. I have a huge case on Friday of next week and I’ll be prepping for it intensely.”

“Oh, but Daddy,” she said, making a sad, pouty face.”

“No. There’s absolutely no way.”

“Can’t you work remotely?”

“I can’t.”

“Well, then I guess you can’t go.”

I was perplexed for a moment. “So, you’re going to go?”

“I don’t have to be at work next week. Why wouldn’t I go?”

Something about this didn’t sit right with me. I mean, usually I wouldn’t have a problem with Lo’s spending time with another man. But usually it would be a day or a night. But a week? And with this man. Something about him I didn’t like. He was rich. He was older. He was in great shape. Did I mention how rich he was? OK, yes, I felt threatened. I admit it. The other guys Lo likes to fuck are rarely competitors. Sure, they might have a big cock, good technique in bed, or some other winning trait, but never did the whole surpass the sum of the parts. Lo’s hole might have been filled, but I always knew that she’d come back to me after she came with them. But with this guy, I wasn’t so confident of that. Maybe it showed when Lo said that she’d go without me.

“Oh Daddy, are you worried?”


“Don’t be worried,” she said, grabbing my cock and putting it in her mouth.

“Is that what you plan to do with Uncle Collin?”

She looked up at me, her mouth full up, and grunted something. I couldn’t tell if it was a yes or a no.


She let my junk fall from her mouth and asked, “Do you want me to?”

Now I couldn’t tell if my answer was yes or no. The thought of it turned me on, but it also terrified me.

She took my cock back in her mouth and diligently applied all her oral techniques to it, pleasing me physically, even as she tortured me mentally. I came in her mouth and I’ll confess, I came to the thought of Collin taking my place, doing exactly as I was doing to my little cum-slut.

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