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You, dear reader, already know that Lola is an inveterate masturbator. You also know that I am forbidden from any onanistic activities, unless either explicitly given permission, or told to do so as a performance for my dear Lola. The fact that there is a gap in our respective frequencies of masturbatory manipulation should come as no surprise to you, and writing about it here would simply be redundant.

However, what I do intend on explaining, or rather, complaining about, is the fundamentally unfair masturbation gap that exists between Lola, me, and her fans. You see, I am not allowed to engage in solo pleasure, not even to Lola’s sexy photos, unless granted permission by Lo herself. And she takes so much delight in my stymied suffering and enjoys my engorged balls so much, that she rarely gives me the green light. But with her fans it is another story. One might think that Lola has no say over what her admirers do in the privacy of their own homes with her pixilated pussy. But that is incorrect. One of Lo’s most enjoyable pastimes is to give specific instructions to her loyal lovers (both near and far) about exactly how they are to worship her image, pay tribute to her form, and pleasure themselves.

One adoring admirer writes to her and asks, “What’s up?” to which she replies, “If you’re looking at my pics, then, your cock.” She’s not wrong.

Another writes to her and asks very politely, “Morning, Lola. How are you?” to which she replies, “Horny, as usual. Now jack it for me.”

They are more than eager to comply. It matters not to them if they are at work, home, or, as Lola really likes, lying in bed next to their sleeping wives.

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She commands some of them, especially the diminutively endowed guys, to go to a lingerie store, like Victoria’s Secret, and pick out various silk, satin, and lace panties for women. Then she instructs them to put the panties on and jack it to her pics and cum in the sexy, sheer, tight material — taking pics of it, of course. An even more intense kink of Lo’s is commanding those same fabric fetish guys to steal the panties from their wives or girlfriends in order to wear while jacking it to Lo’s photos.

Those are the lucky ones. There are some unfortunate fellas who are stuck in cock-cages and can only enjoy Lo’s photos without any self-pleasure.

And then there are the women. It is such a complement to Lo when lovely ladies from around the globe take photos of themselves jillin’ off to her. I will admit that I find it very flattering when the women also make a comment about “the steamy writing,” or say, “that story made me cum five times.” It is nice to know that every once in a while the literary seduction I work so very hard to create from the raw material of Lo’s sexual exploits is appreciated, especially by the lonely women, the married but unsatisfied wives, and the other sexual insatiables out there like Lo.

There was a time, early on, when I actually had a small cadre of female fans who wrote to me regularly. It was, not coincidentally, around that time that Lo took over the email and other social media outlets, telling me, “You do the blog, I’ll spread the word.”

Spread the word. . . yeah right! She meant, she’ll spread her legs and then disseminate her photos across the internet.

But I’m not complaining. I am glad that our little corner, or crotch, of the blogosphere makes so many people happy, even if it means that I must deny myself the pleasures that others get from my hotwife Lo. After all, I have to admit that I have nothing to complain about since fans and her lovers alike all tell me how lucky I am. Can’t argue there.

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