The Nine-O’clock Grind

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We were half way out the door when Lo said, “Wait, I forgot something!”

I went to the car, turned the ignition, pulled up in the driveway and the car was warm before Lo came back outside.

“What the hell did you forget?”

I put it in reverse and backed out, driving down our street as the news chattered over the radio.

“Nothing, Daddio.”

“Lo, what did you forget?”

“I forgot my lunch.”



“Then why didn’t you want to tell me you forgot it?”

Lo has a way of getting herself into deeper trouble whenever she tries to fib.

“OK, I forgot to put my dildo away.”


“I used it in the shower this morning and I forgot it in the tub. I didn’t want to scare you.”

“You bad girl.”


“What were you jillin’ it to?”

“That’s not Monday morning commute talk.”

“Tell me.”

“Why? Are you getting hard?” she asked as her left hand reached over to the crotch of my slacks.

“Just you never mind and you tell me.”

“You are, you are getting hard! Is it difficult to drive?”

“Look, you’ll be walking the rest of the way unless you tell me.”

“Fine, I was thinking about. . .” She trailed off.

“Lo, I’m growing impatient.”

“You’re growing alright,” she said, giving me a firm squeeze.

“Tell me.”

“It will get me into more trouble.”


“I was thinking about the video I was watching this morning.”

“A video too?! How many times did you jill it?”

“Just once. Well, I started in the bed, I finished in the shower.”

“And what was the video?”

“Is nothing private anymore?”

“If you wanted privacy, you never should have moved in with me.”

“Fuck off!”

“I’m pulling over,” I said as I eased off the gas.

“OK, OK, I’ll tell you.”

“I’m listening.”

“It was a video of a married couple. It was stupid. They were in their thirties. They invite over a young little thing to help them.”

“Help them with what?”

“The wife wants to try anal, but she’s afraid. The young girl comes over and helps them.”

“Helps them how?”

“She starts by eating out the wife, then she slides her tongue down to her ass and licks her and kisses her and gives her all sorts of sweets there. She actually starts inserting her tongue.” Lo was getting excited all over again; I could tell by the breathy tone of her voice. “Then, as she’s enjoying the wife’s ass with her mouth, she grabs the husband’s cock and strokes him slowly. She turns and takes him in her mouth and for a while she’s alternating between the two. Then she slowly helps him to enter his wife’s ass. She’s under the wife — in a sixty-nine — and she is licking her clit from there, reaching up to hold the husband’s ass while he goes in and out of his wife’s ass, his balls dangling just above her face. The wife is loving it and then, just at the last moment, the husband pulls out and cums all over her. She sucks him dry.”

There was some silence while I contemplated the scene. I almost forgot I was driving.

“You know,” she started to say, “the reason I found that so incredibly hot was because that’s what I want to do with Erin and Zach.”

That possibility was playing before my mind like an X-Rated movie.

“Oh!” called out Lo, breaking the silence.



I pulled up to the front of her building.

“Lo, what?” I asked as I put the car in park to let her out.

“I just squirted a little. Looks like I’m going to have a wet day. By love! Thanks for the ride!”

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