Top 10 Sexiest Writers on Medium

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Best Erotica on Medium
  1. Ally Snow — Ally Snow has a unique and honest voice. She doles out advice and also is candid about her own mistakes in relationships. After reading her, you feel like you’ve sat with a close girlfriend for a coffee, chatting for a couple of hours.
  2. Mimi Bordeaux — A direct writer who comes at you straight on, though she’s far from straight! Her writing is like Hemingway if Hemingway was queer, a woman, and a hell of a lot more sexy!
  3. Vienna De Vega — A smart, witty writer who also is an avid reader and an unabashed enthusiast of all things kink.
  4. Kris Gage — I don’t know how old Kris is, but she has an old soul in the best sort of way. She speaks about love and relationships from a well of experience, both good and bad. Her insights into Buddhism are definitely worth reading.
  5. Madelaine Hanson — A witty, take-no-prisoners writer who is prolific and poignant. A staunch feminist with a pen!
  6. Jessica Wildfire — The professor is in and everyone is hot for teacher! Jessica’s writing is steamy and occasionally she shares amusing anecdotes from the trenches of higher education.
  7. Stoya — You may know her from porn, but she has always been one of the most well-read, intelligent, and feminist voices in the industry. Lately, to the benefit of us all, she has been using her voice by writing a lot. Anyone who can cite Bataille in a blog post on sex deserves kudos!
  8. Lacey Divine — Writing on open relationships, sex work, and orgasms. Can’t beat that!
  9. Alexis McCall — A hotwife, like yours truly, who writes about all different aspects of these complex relationships. Prolific, insightful, and a great resource!

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