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Dear Readers,

Back in December, I hit 5000 followers on Medium and I posted “My Top 25 Medium Writers on Sex, Sexuality, and Relationships.” This week, a little more than six months later, I hit 6000 followers on Medium and so I thought I’d repost that shout-out to my fellow kinksters with some minor changes and a new list to help some great up-and-cumming authors. Here you go:

Recently I hit 6000+ followers on Medium! Yeah me!!! But, if HH & I have learned anything in our experience blogging about sex and literotica, it’s that this is a special, warmhearted, supportive niche of writers in the vast expanse of the blogosphere.

It’s really important that we support each other and leverage our successes to help others. A rising tide raises all boats.

Recently, Meaghan Ward wrote an excellent piece about Medium’s Curation system. I looked and saw that I’m not being curated by Medium. I think I follow all the rules, but who knows — maybe the curators don’t like that I often use my own sexy photos rather than downloading free images off the web. In any case, I thought, “You know what, I can curate too.”

This being an incredibly difficult time where a lot of us are struggling and also reading and writing, HH & I are looking back to see whose writing we’ve really loved and how we can help bring some visibility to those great writers out there with fewer than 6000 followers. So, if you’re a Medium writer about sex, sexuality, and relationships and you’re not on this list, it may be because you already have over 6000 followers. Here I’m going to use what leverage I have to help others and I encourage you to do the same. Writing isn’t a competitive sport, so I hope you’ll share this with your friends on and off line.

And, since so many people seem to already be doing it, I might as well join in with some advice to you about how to get 6000+ followers:

1. Write really well and fairly often. (Just an FYI, I’m not the writer, as some of you have mistakenly thought. My man, HH, does the writing. I just handle the social media accounts — except the blog, which he does — since he’s sooooo very busy being a genius. I also inspire the writing, so he says.)

2. Read what others are writing and clap for them and comment on their posts. They like that!

3. Be supportive. (Are you noticing a theme here?)

4. Submit to great publications like Rose’s My Erotica.

Onto the list, which is in no particular order, so don’t be upset if you’re at the bottom rather than the top. Also, if you’re not on the list, feel free to attract our attention by commenting with a link to a story you want us to read in the comments section. Our apologies to anyone not on the list. 25 is a random number.

Also, we ask all the authors listed to make their own list, use the award photo at the top, link back to this post, and pass the love onto your favorite sex, sexuality, literotica, and kink writers.

[Note that, though I “follow” all of these writers, for some reason I don’t get notified of all of their new content and so, as I have made this list, I discovered that there were a lot of newly published articles I had yet to see!]

[The following is a NEW LIST. For the December List of best Erotica, click HERE.]

1. Kimberley Diamond — She’s only been on Medium since January of this year, but she is a hot and steamy read. She and her man get up to all sorts of hijinks and she has a great ability to mix humor and sexy scenes.

2. Tilda Blixen — Going out on a limb here. Tilda is a real newbie to Medium, but hopefully she’ll continue with the great writing about the hotwife experience that she’s started!

3. Matilda Swinney — A real potpourri of topics, including the erotic stuff. Advice, news topics, and sexy stories. Definitely something for everyone.

4. Autumn Seave — Also a newbie, but a prolific one who writes a lot about nuances of sexuality and writes it with style.

5. Sarah Stroh — A non-monogamous writer from NY living in Berlin who has a clear and poignant voice. Sarah combines personal experience with advice in a healthy balance.

6. Lavender Sky — A much underappreciated voice who can speak erotically about her blossoming romance with her own body. Lavender’s prose is poetic. We encourage her to write more, please!

7. M.C. Frances — A powerful writer on non-monogamy and all sorts of sexual experiences that flow from it. Insightful as well as entertaining.

8. Cloe Simpson — Cloe’s only been writing on Medium since April 2020 and only has 33 followers, but, of all the authors on this list, I see myself in her stories the most! She is sexploring some great scenarios.

9. Amelia Devereaux — Another new voice who, like me, uses her own photos to accompany many of her posts. Perhaps a little edgy and not for everyone, but definitely a clear, powerful voice.

10. Claire Lesyeux — An older woman with a younger man who likes to tell us all that their adventures and discoveries do for her. A lot of fun with some excellent commentary.

11. Christie Alex Costello — An MBA with a wide interest in topics, including sex and relationships.

12. Claire Divino — A fresh voice who likes to talk about how she enjoys sucking cock and why she’s good at it.

13. Holly Bradshaw — A great insight into opening up relationships and communication. Not afraid to take on the tough conversation.

14. Sydel Brown — Exploring the confusing world of dating and life.

15. Beth Singleton — Writing on Erectile Disfunction and bi-tendencies, as well as a host of other topics, Beth is honest and always interesting.

16. Adriana M. — Oddly, Adrian’s profile says she’s been writing on Medium since April 2020, but her long list of very sexy stories goes all the way back to August 2019! They are fun romps through Fuckville. She’s also a scientist!

17. Leia Malot — Not exactly erotica. More like expressionist poetry in both English and French! Full of vivid images sprung right from the heart.

18. Louise Sawyer 2.0 — A writer unafraid of telling it how she sees it. She has a great sense of humor as well as a keen style for sexy moments.

19. 21st Century Loving — A couple with more than a couple hot stories about their relationship.

20. Michelle Brown — A married woman in her 40’s taking a clear-eyed look at her sex-life.

21. Georgie Lucy — Writing about depression, sexuality, and feminism, Georgie is an exploration in honesty and mental health.

22. Stacey Herrera — A woman with a point of view, advice, and some interesting tales to tell. She also pays her library fines.

23. Erotik Kaleidoscope — Prose and poetry, insight and insatiable, exploring kinks and our relationships with others as well as with our own bodies.

24. Elle Silver — Writing about politics, sex, and body hair (that’s political, right?), Elle has keen insights about marriage, separation, divorce, and dating.

25. Dinabel — A new voice who is unabashed in her choice of topics.

There you have it. The completely non-definitive list of 25 great, sexy, kinky, NSFW authors from Medium. Show them the love they deserve. Also, be sure to check out the other great writers who made our list in December 2019 and in September 2017!

Unfaithfully Yours, Lola & HH.

Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail:

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