Top Ten Erotica Authors on Medium

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Dear Readers,

As you probably have figured out, every time I hit a milestone of another 1000 followers on Medium, I post a shout-out to people I love to read who have fewer than 1000 followers themselves. Recently I hit a mind-blowing 7000 subscribers to my Medium account!!! I remember when first starting out, I looked on in awe and envy as MyErotica had over 7000 followers. Luckily for me, Rose at MyErotica chose to publish a few of the stories (note, not written by me, written about me by my man, HH). That’s really how I got, um, exposure. So Rose and MyErotica always get a prominent shout-out from me, even though they are now tracking at 22k+ and Rose herself has 15.7k+ followers.

Why do I post a shout-out to those with fewer than 1000 followers? Because, as you just read, I was there once too and back then I could really use a boost. These authors are under-appreciated and really deserve to be read. Sadly, I am only including 10 this time around, but if you think I (or any of my 7000 readers) should look at your content, leave a comment so I know how to find you. (The list is in no particular order.)

  1. Jupiter Grant — Jupiter is one of the, if not THE, most talented people I know. Her acting skills as a narrator are the best! She writes amazing stories! And she is bursting with creativity. If you haven’t checked her out, now is the time — and FOLLOW HER!
  2. Katie Sweet — A relatively new writer to Medium, she really knows how to spin a sexy story.
  3. Dona Mwiria — Dona has a master’s in biochemistry and she believes that masturbation will solve all of our problems. Let’s try to be problem solvers together! Read her other interesting observations. You’ll be glad you did.
  4. Lindsay Soberano-Wilson — If poetry and reflection are what you crave, here is a new voice for you. She gets to the heart of heart ache in an amazingly few words!
  5. Marie Lynne — A “mature” take on sex, sexuality, love, and life. Always an insightful point of view with sexy sparks thrown in to keep you reading.
  6. Wistful Writer — Her name says it all. And, she also lives in Texas which has made posting on Medium in the past two weeks difficult. Show her some love.
  7. Adriana M — An eclectic writer whose topics are diverse enough to keep you entertained no matter what your kink, fetish, or obsession of the moment. Also, a scientist!
  8. Kiki Wellington — A nice mix of advice and story-telling. Kiki will educate and entertain.
  9. Joe King — One of the few male authors to make the cut, this guy has only 9 followers and I’m one of them!!! He is a sports therapist, masseur, and a male escort. He has written only a handful of articles so far, but they are insightful and hot! I hope that making this list will inspire him to write more.
  10. Lavender Sky — With a name like that, you know the writing has to be good! A mix of personal memoir, advice, and some humor — Lavender has a healthy mix of fun, frolic, and feels.

There you have it folks, the top ten up-and-cumming authors on Medium today! Also, don’t forget to go to our blog — — to find out how to enter into our May is Masturbation Month promotion where you can get one of our books FOR FREE!

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