Triangles of Sadness

Lola Down
5 min readMay 29, 2023
Red’s Nephew Dylan and his GF

[For the story with more revealing photos, go to: mysexlifewithlola]

Lola loves to be the fap fodder or wank woman for her fans. Everyone knows that. But sometimes there are unintended consequences. We’ve already remarked upon the concupiscent power of Lo’s corpus. We frequently hear from our readers that after reading the blog, reading the books, or listening to the audiobooks together, many couples discover that they want to try the hotwife/stag or hotwife/cuck lifestyle. The stories often bring couples closer together and allow them to explore in a safe environment fantasies and desires that they otherwise would be uncomfortable sharing with each other. This then leads to discussions of, “Hey, wouldn’t it be fun for you to watch me pick up a guy at a bar?” or “I would so love to see you being fucked by a stranger at a truck stop.” These conversations can remain fantasy for their lovemaking, or they can turn into real life experiments. Either way, many couples have written to us about how the blog, books, and audiobooks have been inspiring and rekindled their sex lives.

However, on occasion, the happy ending is elusive or becomes someone else’s happy ending.

This week we have two cautionary tales. The first couple is our friends Lynn and Red. Things started out great! After getting their copy of Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume V: Shorter Shorts, Lynn was eager to get into being a hotwife and Red was just as eager to support her in this new venture. They created an OnlyFans page and actively sought out bulls for her. However, within a few weeks, things turned south. I’m glad to say that it wasn’t because they discovered that ethical non-monogamy wasn’t for them, but rather, because Lynn wasn’t prepared for Red’s lusty longing for Lola.

Red & Lynn

On more than one occasion, Lynn awoke from her slumber to find Red next to her in bed, jacking off to photos, stories, and dreams of Lola. This created a rift in their relationship. Lynn realized that it wasn’t merely a passing fancy that Red had a thing for Lo, but a real infatuation. She began to feel that the hotwife lifestyle she was living wasn’t for their shared pleasure, but rather, Red was trying to make…