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To all the readers out there, sorry for the hiatus. We went on a much needed two week vacation. But now we’re back and so it is appropriate to post a little snippet from a story called, “Daddy’s Desire.” It’s from our blog: You can also find it in Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume I: Nymphomania and the Single Girl, along with lots of other stories in their complete telling along with full-color glossy photos of yours truly.

Enjoy the story!

The way she lays her head down on my shoulder; the way she holds me; the way she kisses me goodnight; the way she begs me to fuck her — I love it all and it drives me wild.

With Lo, this paternalistic play dates back to our first days dating. I treated her like a little girl. I told her to get undressed. I commanded her to get on her knees. I gave her no credit for any of her own autonomy. And she rebelled. She pouted and huffed and objected. She told me to “stop being so damn paternalistic!” She insisted that she has her own mind, her own ability to make choices for herself, her own responsibility for those choices. I must concede: she is no little girl. She’s no malleable little play-thing to be used and abused. She is strong-willed, determined, thoughtful, intelligent, caring, responsible, and mature. BUT, she’s also willing to set all that aside in a safe relationship built upon trust and mutual respect such that she can be my little Lo. She likes my paternalism, my strength, my authority, my commands, my rebukes, my fatherly love, advice, kindness, and mercy. She likes to be my little play-thing, my little girl who can be dominated, who can submit to my word, who can relinquish all autonomy and know that I will be there to take care of her.

Early on in our relationship this side of her came out in public in a most unexpected way. We had planned a skiing trip and when we got to the ski resort and were about to get our rental and lift tickets, there was a sign that said, “Children under 18 ski half-price.” I saw it and took note of it, but said nothing. Apparently Lo saw it too and when we got to the register I was about to speak when Lo said, to my great surprise, “Oh Daddy, let me pay for this! I mean, you’re paying so much for my college education, it’s the least I can do.” I was taken aback and could not respond immediately and before I was able to gather my thoughts, Lo turned to the woman behind the desk and said, “One adult rental and lift, and one child.” The woman didn’t even blink in disbelief. Lo paid for the passes and turned to me and said, “Oh, thank you Daddy! I feel so grown up now that I have my own credit card. I love you Daddy,” and she kissed me on the cheek.

Since that time, every time we go on vacation and stay in a hotel, Lo puts on the Daddy-and-daughter routine. When we check in, she makes sure to call me Daddy in front of the concierge and then to kiss me on the cheek before spying the look on the guy’s face when we ask for one room with one bed.

Once, when Lo was feeling especially naughty, we ordered up room-service for dinner. When the meal arrived, Lo answered the door in her birthday suit, giving the bell-boy an eye-full. As he passed her the tray with our dinner on it, she called out to me, “Daddy, dinner is here!” I entered the room in my bathrobe and pulled out a fiver from my pocket and gave it to the flabbergasted young kid as Lo gave me a little kiss on the cheek saying, “Thank you Daddy! You’re so good to me.” We shut the door and had a good laugh about it.

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