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Lo and I made reservations for a kayaking adventure. We rented a double from a local islander and set out on the high seas. She was sitting behind me and after we set off, she began telling me how hot my shoulders were and how sexy my back was as I paddled. Before long, she had abandoned her contribution to the paddling and was busy diddling her pussy under her bikini bottoms. She kept on telling me all sorts of compliments and I was beginning to wonder if this wasn’t just her way of getting out of the hard work. But I glanced over my shoulder and saw her there, fingers frantically working her clit, her bikini bottoms wet, and her face in ecstasy turned up toward the hot sun. She came like that two or three times, screaming out there on the open ocean where her calls got carried by the wind to nowhere.

We paddled passed a couple of large yachts and Lo took off her bikini top in order to catch the glances of the rich captains as we passed. She continued fondling herself and as we came close to shore she insisted that I pull the kayak aground. “Here?” I asked.

“Yes, here.”


“I have to pee,” she said.

So I pulled us ashore on a seemingly isolated beachhead and she walked a few paces, pulled down her bikini bottoms, squatted, and, looking up she said, “Don’t watch!” with a smile on her mischievous face, indicating to me that she was saying it only half in jest. She didn’t wait for me to turn away. And when she was done she dropped to her knees. She summoned me to her and pulled out my hard cock and looked up at me. “Daddy, let me have you, please.” She licked her teeth with her tongue and took me deep into her mouth as I stood lookout for any lost souls. She hungrily devoured my manhood, eager to take all of it in her mouth and throat. From the lower part of my back she pushed me deeper into her with her left hand as her right hand continued to fondle her very wet pussy. She did that till she came. . . a couple of times. She begged me to cum too, but I resisted. She looked up with a disappointed frown and said, “Fine. Then fuck me.”

“Right here, Lo? Really?”

“Yes. Here. I got to have it. I got to have it in me. Fuck me.”

Before I could even argue with her about it she had stood up and bent over, supporting herself with the girth of a tree. She reached around with her finger and began fondling her pussy and then slid her little fingertips up to her ass where she played with herself — in and out. I had no alternative but to give her what she demanded. I entered her and as I did I said, “Lo, anyone could walk by here at any time.”

“Good,” was all she said in between her moaning.

“You want to get caught, don’t you?”


“You want to startle some unsuspecting couple who is just walking by here, don’t you?”


“You want them to see just what an animal you are, doing it right here in the open, after marking your territory like a dog, don’t you?”

“Yes. Fuck me like a dog. Fuck me like I’m your little bitch,” she said as she bent further over, stretching out her arms to the tree so she was at a right angle now.

“Fuck me,” she kept saying, “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me.”

I did and she came a number of times.

I could feel her pussy dripping wet, clutching my cock and she could feel the tip of my long, hard shaft grow and swell inside her. “You’re gonna cum, aren’t you Daddy?” she asked.

I remained silent as I thrust harder and harder.

“You’re gonna cum. Admit it. Admit it!” she demanded.

I kept on giving it to her — more stiff, more solid, more rigid, more and more; pounding her like an animal in heat.

She knows the cues by now. She can sense when my impending eruption is about to happen. She instinctively pulled away from me, got on her knees, opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. I grabbed my shaft and gave it two or three tugs before I ejaculated with such force and power that I overshot my mark by a good foot or so — getting it all over her hair and forehead before the last few spurts made it into her awaiting mouth.

“Oh, Daddy,” she said as she wiped away the stray cum with her fingers and then licked them clean. She then stood up and stepped out of her bikini bottoms that were wrapped around her ankles and she dove, butt naked, into the clear blue waters to clean off. She swam there for a bit before we heard the sounds of some people walking toward us. There were three tourists moving in our direction — a guy and two women. They were in their forties or so and there was nothing to be done. They saw Lo skinny-dipping and, just to give them what she thought they wanted, she slowly emerged out of the sparkling water and casually put on her bikini, even smiling at them and saying hello.

[Excerpt from the story, “A Very Public Paddling,” from the blog:]

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