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We spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. At one point Lo left me to go flirt with the lifeguards. I could see her from where I was sitting, pretending to read my book. She sauntered over to the lifeguard stand, put her right hand in her hair and began talking. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but I assume it was some balderdash about the water conditions or the weather. Both fit and young lifeguards were more than eager to indulge her curiosity and neglect their watch. I saw as Lo sat on their upside down lifeboat and she spread her legs, looking up at both of them with her head at eye level to their bulging cocks neatly tucked into their Speedo suits. They talked to her, glancing down at her breasts and spread legs. She smiled playfully as they prated on about whatever nonsense they could think of to prolong the conversation.

When she was done talking to them, she came back to the towel and grabbed me, pulling me up and drug me into the water. “What? Wait, I’m not done reading!” I protested.

“Don’t be an ole-fogey. Come on. Have some fun.”

We got to the water and she pushed me into the waves as far in as my chest. Then she swam right up to me and said, “Finger me. Finger me, Daddy.”

“What? Here? Now?”

“Yes. Here. Now. Do it.” She pulled at my right hand and stuffed it down her bikini bottoms over her smooth, shaved pussy and into her tight little nook. “I’m so wet,” she said.

I joked, “Of course you are, we’re in the ocean.” Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She wasn’t in the mood for banter. She wanted to cum and cum quickly. That’s exactly what she did. It didn’t take much, just a little rubbing back and forth on her clit and partial insertion and she was squirming on my hand and felt like a benign jellyfish.

She looked out from above the waves at the lifeguards — I’m sure, hoping that they would notice. But from their perspective we were just two bobbing heads and torsos in a great sea of blue. After she came a couple of times, we worked our way back to the shore. Her bikini bottom was slipping down off her hips like the iconic image of the Coppertone girl.

[Excerpt from the story, “Wet, Wild, and Wet,” from the blog:]

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