While the Boys are Away, the Girls Will Play

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Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Lola and Erin were left alone on the couch where they made some small talk before Lola said, “So, you want to do this?”

“Yeah,” said Erin, unreservedly, leading Lo to the bedroom. She took her time lighting candles, dimming the lights, and sitting seductively on the bed. The two of them took turns removing each other’s clothes. Lo got twitterpated when she saw Erin’s athletic body in just a pink bra and matching thong. Lo leaned up against her and their lips touched ever so softly. She could feel the nervous energy of Erin as they slowly opened mouths, descended onto the pillows, and let their tongues explore. Lo then worked her mouth down Erin’s neck and shoulder and whispered, “Can I take off your bra?”

Erin just nodded as Lo reached to unhook the clasp. Lo admired Erin’s full breasts for a moment before kissing her soft skin — the softest she’d ever touched — and taking Erin’s nipples into her mouth to tease with her tongue and nibble with her teeth. Erin’s torso rose and fell as she let out soft purring sounds. Lo removed her own bra to let her breasts feel the softness of Erin’s abs as she continued lavishing kisses and playful bites on her nipples.

Erin eagerly reciprocated. Their bodies entwined and Erin got her mouth onto Lo’s collarbone and neck, giving tiny bites and kisses. Erin’s hand explored Lo’s breasts and she gently pulled on Lo’s nipples.

“Don’t be shy,” said Lo, encouragingly.

Erin pinched Lo’s nipples. Lo let out a moan. “Harder,” she begged.

Erin ran her tongue up Lo’s neck and alighted her mouth on Lo’s earlobe. She eagerly worked it like it was Lo’s clit and within moments Lo began gushing as Erin’s fingers rubbed Lo’s puss over her small panties. A few moments later and Lo convulsed with waves of pleasure. Eargasm accomplished.

Then, slowly, enjoying every delicious inch of Erin’s body, Lo kissed her way downward till arriving at Erin’s panties. She pulled away the small bit of fabric so that she could kiss and lick her silky smooth pussy. Erin was already soaked through her panties and Lo could taste her as she worked her tongue to Erin’s clit.

“Can I take these off?” Lo asked, looking up at Erin from down below.

“Yes,” she said in a whisper of ecstasy.

Lo slid off Erin’s panties to reveal her completely bare body and Lo gently glided her index finger into Erin’s puss. It was the tightest pussy she had ever encountered and she didn’t dare try more than one finger. As she made slow “come hither” curls with her finger, her mouth sought out Erin’s elusive clit.

“Lower,” said Erin, putting her hands on Lo’s head, “a little lower.”

Lo licked and kissed, bit and nibbled every soft and gentle part as Erin’s fingers pulled and tugged on her own nipples. Lo delighted in the soft, feminine delicacy. With ever more urgency, Lo licked Erin’s soft petals as her finger curled convulsively inside her. Before too long, it was Erin’s turn to writhe in ecstasy. Lo was glad for it and she slid her way up Erin’s body so their lips could meet and Erin could taste herself on Lo’s tongue.

“Let me go down on you,” Erin pleaded.

“No,” said Lo, being coy.

“Please, I want to so badly.”

“Next time.”

“So there will be a next time?”


“Should we call the boys back?” asked Erin.

“In a bit,” said Lo, “I want to kiss you more.”

They embraced and kissed some more, causing Lo’s panties to become drenched. When Lo began to become self-conscious of how wet she was, she pulled back and the two of them began a pantomime of replacing their clothes amid the soft candlelight.

[Excerpt from the story, “Sexplorations,” from the blog: mysexlifewithlola.com]

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Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

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