Will You Come With Me?

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[The mini-series, “Mount Bliss,” continues from “I Want to Drown in Lola Down”.]

She licked my lance from tip to taint with a worshipful devotion before turning on her side and pressing her caboose into my pelvis. She moaned, “Slide back in my ass, Daddy. That’s where I want you to cum.”

In I pierced her from behind without the slightest bit of resistance. She and I were both saturated by her super soaker and the spunk of her previous coital conjunction.

I was deep inside her and ready to fulfill her wishes when suddenly there was a knock at the door to the bedroom.

We both froze. We listened intently. Silently. Another furtive knock. Rap, rap rap.

In the still muted darkness I could feel my heart pounding and the pulse of my blood throbbing through my swollen saber lodged deeply in Lo’s spare sheath. Pump, pump, pump. Each heartbeat felt like a violent thrust inside her.

To my astonishment, Lola said quietly but confidently, “Come in.”

The door opened slowly and silhouetted in the frame was the unmistakable outline of Collin. He stepped into the room and approached Lola’s side of the bed. He walked slowly, probably because he had difficulty seeing in the sudden darkness. He stood over the two of us, imposingly.

“I’m sorry to disturb you like this,” he said in a hushed tone.

If I disliked him before, I despised him now.

“What’s up?” asked Lo.

My cock was up, up inside her hooha, waiting to climax in a spectacular array of orgasmic delight.

“I just wanted to apologize,” he said slowly.

Couldn’t this just wait till morning?

Lo didn’t ask what he was apologizing for. She patiently kept silent and allowed him to continue at his own pace. For once he was fumbling for words.

“You see, uh, I’m not sure how to explain this. But. Suzanne. She and I.”

Get on with it! I am a man on a mission.

“Here, sit,” said Lo, pulling the covers back to reveal her naked body. She shoved her ass further into my pelvis to make room for him. I felt my cock penetrate parts of her that it had never probed before.

Collin sat down as Lo’s breasts, tum, and pussy were all exposed to him and I, the big spoon, was cuddling her from behind, conjoined to her body through her anus.

“What is it, Collin?” she asked kindly, touching his hand. “You can tell me anything.”

“Well, Suzanne and I. You know that we haven’t had marital relations for many years now.”

This was news to me.

“And you know why,” he continued.

No, I don’t know why. But Lo just looked at him with gentle understanding.

“Go on,” she said.

“Well, for many of those years she. . . well, you can probably guess.”

Come out and say it, I thought.

“Anyhow,” continued Collin, “I wanted to apologize for her. Her behavior. And for Shadow. I’m very sorry all that happened.”

“It’s ok, Collin,” said Lo, taking his hand and putting it on her naked body just above her hip. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

He’s apologizing to you! Why would you do anything for him?

Collin looked at me. His eyes had adjusted to the dim light. “HH,” he said, “You have a good one here. A really special lady. Don’t let her get away.” As he said that, he caressed her breast.

“Let her get away?” I asked. “You say that as if I have her locked down like a caged animal. The reality is quite the opposite.”

“Yes,” purred Lola as Collin squeezed her bosom. “Kiss me,” she instructed him.

He leaned over and kissed her. Her ass jutted back, taking more of my cock, if that was possible.

She gave him a long, open mouthed kiss and I could feel her muscles clench around my cock. Collin was clearly enraptured by Lo’s pure sexuality. As they continued to kiss, I exploded deep inside her. I could hold out no longer. The pent-up energy from a week of celibacy was too much for me to bear. I could feel the warm wetness that I had injected into her surrounding my cock. She felt it too and her hand moved up Collin’s strong arm and gripped his bicep firmly as she clenched her ass, clutching my cock, squeezing every last drop out of it.

It was not how I had hoped to consummate our reunion.

“Will you come with me?” asked Collin, unaware apparently that I had just cum in her.

“What?” asked Lo. She probably thought he had asked her to cum with him. Hard to tell if the words are not written on the page.

“Come with me,” he repeated. “I want to show you something.”



“Is it ok, HH?” Lo asked, turning her head over her shoulder to look at me. It was really just a formality. She knew what I’d say. Do I ever deny her anything?

“Sure,” I said, trying to conceal my resentment.

Lo began to move forward and I slowly slid out of her ass as she released me. I flopped out of her and she dribbled a bit on me from her ass as her anus simultaneously made a sloppy slurping sound.

I could see her gingerly maneuvering her legs over the side of the bed. She stood up, naked, and kept her legs and ass cheeks clenched tightly as she slid on her thong panties and slipped into a sheer beach coverup.

“Be back soon,” she said, as she turned to blow me a kiss. I imagine that she leaked right over that little thong of hers, down her legs.

She shut the door behind her.

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Just your average nymphomaniac next door. I love fan mail: downloladown@gmail.com

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