Returning home that evening, I found Lo naked on the couch looking at her computer. I assumed she was masturbating to porn. I was wrong. She looked up at me and rather than her usual soft, big brown eyes, I saw the fearsome green eyed monster staring me down.

“What?!” I asked immediately.

“Winkface?” she asked, sarcastically and enigmatically.

“Winkface. Not just one. Many!”

“Lo, I don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about.”

“Ms. Gale. She sends you e-mails with winkfaces?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Why?”

“‘Why?’ Dont try to sound so innocent. You know very well why.”

“Lo, I assume you’ve been going through my e-mail and that you’ve found a few from Ms. Gale in which she inserted a winkface. She does that. What’s the big deal?”

“What’s the big deal? Really? Don’t you see it? She’s flirting with you. She’s fucking flirting with you — her boss! I’ve been down this road before. ‘Sure I can come in today, Mr. H. — winkface,’” she mocked.

“Lo, really?”

“Don’t really me! This is appalling!” She got up off the couch. “Fire her!”

“I’m not going to fire her.”

“Fire her today, or I’m leaving.”

“Lo, be reasonable.”

“You be reasonable. Weigh your options.” She began to walk away.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to get my panties.”

But instead of going to the bedroom to get them out of her drawer, she went to the stairs.

“To get your panties?” I questioned.

“Yes. Where you put them. They’re all hanging up downstairs in the laundry room.”

We live in an apartment building and the laundry room is shared by all the tenants. Down Lola went, naked but for her flip-flops to the communal laundry.

I called after her. “Lo!”

“What?” she called back from the stairs.

“You’re naked.”



“Yeah, so,” she indignantly shot back, walking down the stairs.

She was in the laundry room, reaching into the dryer, pulling out the clean clothes, her ass exposed, when, according to her, Kyle, our neighbor, walked into the laundry room. Lo casually filled her basket, turned, and removed her panties from the clothes line where I put them out to air dry, as she said hello to Kyle.

“Hi,” he said back, embarrassed.

“I know my robe is in here somewhere,” she said as she went through the basket as if she intended to cover up. She doesn’t own a robe.

Up the old staircase she sauntered. When she got back to our apartment, she told me what happened.

“You’re just trying to make me jealous,” I pointed out.

“Well, aren’t you?”

“You want the truth?”

“Oh, don’t bother, I know you’re not jealous. You’re aroused,” she said as she felt between my legs.

“Maybe a little jealous,” I said.

“Really?” she asked, optimistically.

“Yeah, really.”

“Come on,” she said, leading me back down to the laundry room.

“Where are we going?”

“We’re going to fuck,” she said.

In the laundry room she shut off the glaring florescent lights. It was dark and vacant and she was naked and I quickly got out of my jeans and bent her over the washing machine.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she said as I was already doing what she commanded.

“So, you like him, don’t you?” I asked as I pumped her from behind.

“Yes, I do. He’s so hot. I bet he has a huge cock.”

I had barely got started and she was already cumming.

“Cum on my back,” she instructed me. “Cum.”

I pulled out of her and grabbed my throbbing, hard shaft and shot out a spray that landed between her shoulder blades.

“Not my hair!” she screamed as she grabbed her hair off her neck and shoulders. I had no control over where it landed.

Covered in cum dripping down her back, she walked up the stairway to our apartment, naked, and hopped in the shower.

“Daddy,” she called out.


“Pass me Glindo,” (that’s her pet name for her glass dildo).


“Yes, again. I just fucked you. Now I’m going to imagine that I’m fucking Kyle.”

I put the dildo in her wet hands. “You two have a good time now.”

“Oh, we will,” she said, pulling the shower curtain closed.

She was screaming at the top of her lungs within a few moments, calling out Kyle’s name. I wondered how his girlfriend, Shayna, who also lived upstairs with him, felt about that (if she heard Lola — hard to imagine she didn’t).

When I went outside to do some work in the yard, I ran into both Kyle and Shayna. I played dumb, as if I had no idea what had transpired in the laundry room; as if I had no idea Lo was masturbating in the shower; as if I had no idea that she was simultaneously trying to make me and Shayna jealous. I simply said, “Hi guys,” to them both. Shayna seemed to be trying to hold back laughing to herself, and Kyle just winked at me. Winkface. . . hmmm.

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