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“How was your yoga class, dear?” I asked innocently enough as I walked in the bedroom to remove my suit after work and I saw Lo sprawled out naked on the bed, legs spread, Hitachi in one hand and dildo in the other working on her clit and cunt respectively.

“Fuck!” she screamed as she convulsed with orgasmic fury.

“That good?”

“Fuck!” she whispered this time.

I removed my white dress-shirt and threw it in the hamper. “Good instructor?”

“Uh oh!” she called out.

I was hanging up my tie. “I hope you didn’t over do it.”

“Get me a towel, quick!”

I reached into the master bath and grabbed the first towel I found and tossed it to her. She dropped her instruments of self-pleasure and pressed the wadded up towel into her crotch. She then hopped off the bed and did a ballerina-like leap into the bathroom where, with the door open, she continued to squirt with force and moans on the throne.

When she was done, she let out a big sigh and looked up at me. “Welcome home, Daddio,” she said with a smile.

“Feel like telling me about your yoga class now?”

“Do I?!” said with enthusiasm.

“I’m listening.”

“Finish getting naked and hop in the bed,” she instructed.

“Lo, it’s been a long day at work and I’m exhausted.”

“Good, I’ll help you unwind.”

“I’m just going to get into my pj’s and. . .”

“No, get into your birthday suit and then get into me!”

She jumped back into bed, spread her legs, patted her puss, and said, “I’m ready for you, Daddy.”

I complied.

Once I was deep inside her I asked again, “So, your yoga class. . ?”

“It was so good. So many women. So many poses. Such tight yoga pants. So wet.”

She came. End of story.

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