You Make Me Feel So Young

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I didn’t move.

“Daddio! Come to bed!”

I finally got up off the couch and followed the howling down the hall to the bedroom where I found Lo naked, spread on the sheets.

“Now you want it?”


“Not sore anymore?”

“No.” She slapped her puss for emphasis. “Cum here,” she said.

I got naked. I got between her legs. I whispered to her, “You know, Lo, you shouldn’t treat me like this.”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m your personal care attendant.”

“Why not?”

“Well, I’m a year older now.”


“The strain of it all might do me in.”

“Stop it, Daddio. You’re in perfect health. This keeps you in shape. It’s your only form of exercise.”

“It’s strenuous and you might be the death of me yet.”

“Peshaw,” she said dismissively.

“And then, what would you do?”

“I’d find me someone else to fuck me,” she said, returning barb for barb.

“But Lo, I would come back reincarnated as a dog — a great big German Shepherd.”

Now she was gushing.

“Yeah? Go on. And what would you do?”

“I’d find you and you’d see in my eyes right away who I was and. . . ” She was close now. “You’d ask your new boyfriend if you could take me in and. . .” I didn’t even have to say anymore. She was cumming hard and convulsing her thighs on my hips. When she relaxed, I continued for her. I told her all the naughty things she’d do — with her boyfriend watching, nonetheless — and she was just about to cum a second time when I reached my peak.

She cussed at me and I said, “But Lo, you told me to cum right there.”

“Not before I came.”

“You already came.”

“Not before I came a second time.”

“Lo, you’re unfair.”

“Unfair?! It’s unfair that you can only cum once a night. I’ve been with guys who could cum three, four times in one session.”

“They were half my age. When I was twenty I could cum four of five times, easy.”

“Grrrrrrrr,” she growled at me because she hates to think about the benefits that some other women derived from me — especially the younger me.

I blew out the candle and lay next to her as she jilled it and pulled my hand to her puss, insisting that I slap it and suck her nipples. She got her second orgasm and fell off to sleep. I noticed that now I was hard again. She does keep me young.

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